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  1. Radio question

    Just a question for knowing purposes really. Father in law sits in car when the wife is in shops when car running just to listen to radio, no heaters or anything else just fear of battery running down if he uses the radio when car turned of. I told him he should be ok as the ford focus and cmax radios switch of after about 60min automatically to save the battery and i think this time is shortened if the battet is lower than normal. I leave mine on all the time with car turned off when cleaning car or waiting on someone in shops and always is ok. So does this sound right or am i wrong there lol! Thanks
  2. Performance Air Filter

    I just use the original OEM filter and replace it every year when I do the service. Maybe a few times throughout the year when I am giving the car the usual checks the car I will give it a blow out and the air box with compressed air like Iantt does. I was always wondering if I changed to filter would I get a bit better acceleration and as its is my car sometimes feels restricted when I accelerate I have the more I have the accelerator to the floor the longer it takes to pick up but is I only lightly press accelerator maybe 1/4 way down and hold it the car seems to pick up better. I always wondered was it down to a little air restriction or so,..........? All else seems to be fine
  3. Water From Exhaust?????

    Never actually thought of it like that but that makes sense. I guess Its time for a few more regular long runs, roll on the summer lol! Thanks fellas for all the input.
  4. Water From Exhaust?????

    Thanks stefan. That puts my mind at rest lol! Always nice to get a second opinion though,
  5. The new RS

    Both Look great but its amazing the mechanics and technical stuff under the eye candy of the car I think ford have done well with the new RS. I think they are also going to be running out a version of the intelligent AWDS (All wheel Drive system) in there normal cars as well which I think will be a great job. Im loving my focus at the minute but its nice to see what's next when upgrading time comes around lol!
  6. Water From Exhaust?????

    Just a quick question probably nothing but I have noticed small drips of water/condensation from the tailpipe the last few mornings. I was thinking its probably just the condensation I the exhaust pipes itself maybe but thought I just ask to see if any one had this or similar. Oil and water levels are all normal. Thanks
  7. Coil pack problems......can I do it myself?

    Thanks Iantt Mine was set at 1.0 so now I have set it to 1.2mm. Thanks again. I wouldn't get rid of yet if you are handy enough you could investigate further maybe the valves are sticking which could cause low cylinder compression as well I think. There is also a chance that may be thereis a lot of carbon build up in thereso a good cleanmay help. I would also check that the fuel pressure is about right just to rule out any restrictions along the fuel system as this might also cause low power and strange revs, The exhaust system is another area to look at as its the out maybe if the valve is sticking there could be a back draft that is chockingthe engine is some way. Never say Never lol! anything is worth a check you never know. Good luck keep us posted on what happens anyways,
  8. Coil pack problems......can I do it myself?

    just on the offside does anyone have the PROPER spark plug gaps sizes for both the MK2.6 1,6 snd 1.8 engines. They would be handy to note for people looking them as a ref. I actually must go out now and check what mine are set at. I think they are 1.0MM so might be incorrectly set. Not sure.
  9. Heater

    Thanks fellas. I did a drain of the coolant and a refill last night and it seems to be going well. I only filled the coolant between Min and Max this time though. Not sure what happened maybe a air lock or just tool much when it was at MAX mark. I will see how this plays out over next few weeks. Thanks
  10. Heater

    Recently noticed my heater is not heating the inside of the car as quick as it used to from cold start. I was thinking to drain the system and renew coolant to see if it helps before looking at the thermostat. My coolant levil is at the Max Level, I know some people keep it between max and minium for expansion purposes or something , so would having this at the max effect the insdie heater? engine tempture seems to be heating as normal just the cabin heater taking a while to get hot air in. Thanks
  11. What fuel do you use?

    On my Petrol focus I use Texaco but sometimes I use BPdepends if I need a fill up and theres a BPbeside me. I neber use supermarket fuel as some peopleI know had engine issues after using supermarket stuff. To be fair they weremostly diesels though but I wouldn't use the supermarket petrol either as when I did back in my fiesta and escort days it seemed to burn through the car alot quicker than branded fuel.
  12. Lazy Clean, Wash , Waz lol!

    I would be intending to wash the car and then use this stuff as a fast way to shine it up. I think using waterless stuff on a soiled car would not bea good idea but if it's washed I came see it doing any harm. Might order a bottle and try it out. It's handy that it canbe used in wheels and glass as well.
  13. Lazy Clean, Wash , Waz lol!

    As titles says, I have washed the car a few times now and with the busy schedule we have with the family I haven't as much time as I used to to sped hours washing, cutting, polishing, waxing the car. I have been on the look out for something simple to use between a major polish and washes. has anyone used this stuff before? Here is it in action lol! I use autoglym super resin polish followed by the hd wax stuff but its still takes time to do all so after a wash something like the above might be good for time purposes. any thoughts welcomed.
  14. death of the diesel

    Darren I agree with everything there mate. Your spot on and I could not help but laugh out loud at the last part , "little johnny ringing the balls of his 18th presie "lol!
  15. death of the diesel

    I had all those options to eye upwhen buying my focus either the 1.6 zetec or the 1.6tdci. I went with petrol due to the lower running cost and no DPF or other diesel issues to worry about, With the family keeping the cost of the car down in all areas wasthe main thing for us. Yes the cheap tax is a bonus for some diesels but for me personally the tax is a no selling point as I would rather pay a little more for one thing if I save overall on the rest which is what we did Plus this year tax could be £30 a year and next the gov could decided to change all and up it so for me the practically, reliability overall day to day running costs are far more important. My father in law alsowent from 25 years of diesel troubled cars to a 2010 cmax 1,6 zetec same engine as myself and he was very impressed. Yes the lose of torque was a negative (But he is not buying for overall power or he would of bought an rs or something lol!) he has had it 5 years now with no issues at all and finds it actually cheaper to run than the diesel carshe had before him,It is better suited to his driving style and day to day driving routines, we do our yearly services ourselves which also keep prices way down and overall we are very happy with both cars. I think the issue is that no one car will suit everyone hence why there are so many options and trim levels ect and I do praise ford as all the models they have across the range have many styles and trim levels to suit from young to old to family ect. But for myself and most family members who drive we find the petrol to be a better choice and as for running costs in fuel terms we find that there is not much difference, especially on the runs we make, and so many factors effect fuel usage but one thing remains no car will go without it lol! P.S just for the record we are all ford lovers here so lets not start a war between the petrol and diesel owners. Three are many other manufactures out there so we all need to stick togetherlol!