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  1. They look like a good bargain, do they look the same a the original ford ones do when installed on car? have you any real life pictures of them on your wheels?
  2. Darren I know what you mean. If the wee caps could be got cheaper and then its just a matter of popping them on that would be great. I cant find any anywhere though lol!
  3. The chrome caps on most of my wheels now are wrecked and need replacing as it doesn't help the look of the wheel lol! Been looking around online and came across these:®-Replacement-Locking-Fiesta/dp/B01IREUNDY/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1471100688&sr=8-7&keywords=ford+focus+alloy+wheel+nuts not sure of they would fit but would these be decent and look alright or has anyone got any suggestions I don't wanna be spending a complete fortune as I think ford where charging around £6 per wheel nut the last time I checked and more or likely they will go the same way after a few wheel off/ on jobs or tyre changes ect. Thanks
  4. Lenny you are spot on fella. I had issue with inner wear on my front tyres and for months couldn't figure it out and had been replacing front tyres regularly . It went through MOT 100% and I had double and redouble checked all components and could not find anything that needed replacing. I also had the 4 wheel alignment done twice by two different places as I still was getting wear. In the end it turned out to be the alignment but I ended up going to ford to get it done for £65 for the 4 wheels and it was the best £65 I spent to date. Car feels a lot better and no signs of any wear appearing (Touch Wood lol!) I guess the ones I used for the wheel alignment had not got a clue how to use it properly and at least at ford You know its down right. Caught it all on the dash cam lol! They used a hunter wheel alignment machine and the ford guy put in on 2 separate Hunter machines end result was a perfect fix first time I wish I had just gone to them at the start but like all things Lesson learned lol!
  5. I thought as much, i have just ordered a new 1/2 socket set and a 1/2 Breaker bar so Hopefully that will be stronger than the 3/8 one lol! Thanks fellas I will keep this thread updated.
  6. Stefan I'm just wondering would my 3/8 sealy socket set, sockets be ok to undo the crank bolt with a breaker bar? i have used this set for many years on all work on my previous cars with no issues but this is the first time on the timing belt, if not I will just invest in a 1/2 inch breaker and socket and a 1/2inch torque wrench, If you think the crank bolt is 18mm then it should be ok but just wanted your opinion before I spend any money Thanks
  7. Maybe a blocked cat or exhaust??? some codes should point to in the right area I would suspect.
  8. On my MK2.5 I just use s small wood off cut between the jack and where it meets the car, I have always used wood off cuts as they don't damage anything underneath and kind of absorb the lift, I never thought of cutting a slot in it though I might make a few up and cut slots in them just for future use. Nothing as bad as the trolley jack metal cup wrecking the underside when your doing work.
  9. Darren I haven't experienced the DDS coming on in wet no matter how hard I drive or How sharp I throw the car in corners or even large puddles or floods of water, I have been testing this out to see of I can get it to trigger but the only things Im getting in the esp/transaction control light flashing on/off. Could it be your psi maybe that is too high and its causing the abs to trigger the dds under those wet conditions? I would try lowering it a little and test that and when I reset the tyre pressures via stalk I make sure to be stationary with handbrake on, not sure if it makes a difference but sometimes things need the handbrake on to safely set certain things. I cant remember of top of my head what but I think functions like the seat belt chime, disabling the esp via stalk ect I read that in a manual and out of my OCD Habits lol! I just do it when I reset anything via stalk.
  10. I find they will only change speed when car is moving, if you are are stopped or idling they will resort to a default interval until you move off again. Hope this helps
  11. Not sure about the ecoboost engine but I have done it on the standard 1.6 mk2.5
  12. Darren I have been using this on my MK2 now for about a year and its been great. I find it flags when pressure drops about 4-psi but I can confirm it does work as it picked up a slow puncture I had, so I got it fixed before I got stranded on roadside lol! also flags when I get a new tyre as they always over inflate it so I just readjust to my own pressures and reset via dash stalk and yeah good to go again I don't know why it wasn't enabled from the start but I guess it was maybe offered as a £££ extra or something along those lines. But I'm glad I have it, Its a feature that is actually useful.
  13. Thanks guys for all the information there, I will start getting together the tools next week. Stefan I was planning on getting all new bolts just to be safe as I think I read they are stretch bolts so have to be renewed. Does the whole timing kit from ford include these bolts or do they have to be ordered separate?
  14. Hopefully it might fix itself at some point, that area is not handy got at.
  15. OK fellas the time has come to do the Timing belt change. I have the mk2.5 1,6 zetec model and plan to go to ford next month to buy the timing belt kit and the water pump as well to fit all at the one go. At the moment I am just gather up things I will require to make this job easier for myself. Its been years since I have done a timing belt but I willing to give it a go. I know Darren did his timing belt a while back on his diesel focus, so any pointers would be great here if you have time to have a read here. I am thinking about picking up the following tools first: 1) 2) 3) will this be of help to me in this job and off hand does anyone know what the size of the crank bolt is? My 1/2 inch socket set is missing bits and bobs so may need to pick up a new socket to fit that or else I will have to try the 3/8 sockets on it and a breaker bar or my 3/8 cordless impact wrench. I also need to pick up a decent torque wrench to get all tightened up properly after all is installed so will be on the look out there as well. so any body done one on this engine and any tips are welcomed. Also I might try to get a guide with some pictures up here when Im doing it as it may help others out at somepoint, I think the focus guides are missing timeing belt pdf guides so hopefully we can get one made and put up.