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  1. on a side topic are the heated front window screen ("quick clear") still exclusive to ford only? I hope they keep it as it does other something that no other makes have. It seems like ford have great tech first then other makes get it and market the hell out of it. An example is the self park mode I first saw it in the focus but now I see it in other makes of cars and the TV ads are constant. It bugs me because people who are watching are like " wow would you look at that its amazing how the cars park themselves " ect ect and Im like yeah ford had that ages ago in the mk3 focus but it is crazy how powerful marketing is especially with tv ads. Another one that pops to mind is the new Mercedes with 4matic all wheel drive or something of that, It reminds me of fords new all wheel drive system that they developed for the focus rs and then where talking about putting it out across the range of models which I think is a great idea.
  2. Thanks again stefan.
  3. I bet when he saw you he wished he had bought a Ford now lol!
  4. I agree , Its a great feature I really dont know why anyone would be negative about this to be honest, it has been a godsend for myself in the winter mornings leaving the kids to school
  5. Stefan Thanks Mate, I had to red a new email as that old one was not working anymore so can you send me those attachments to the new one I have liked to my profile. Thanks
  6. Thanks for that link, I never heard of that site before. I had a little look through the ford section and came across this as it seems to be the only one for that might be for my engine the other one is the Ti-VCT version which mine is not. Can anyone have a look and let me know of this seems correct for engine and I take it all tourque settings would be the same. also Stefan any info you can get in your Autodata or Haynes pro would be great as I will keep it for future ref, Thanks
  7. Just any information you have on the actual proceadure itself. Any guides from both books you have if they cover my engine would be great. If i have something to have a good read through to familiarize myself with all steps required before i make a start. Also any tourq settings ect. Thanks
  8. Has any one got access to the Autodata cd or a timing belt manual book? Im looking for information on the focus mk2.5 1.6 zetec engine as guidance. Thanks
  9. This is a top class feature from ford. Very useful and as others have said the smart charge system from ford keeps the battery from draining as its the way the system is designed. I think you can turn off or alter when this comes on via the elmconfig software but to be honest I think the defaults at 5 degrees or lower are spot on. Also I think that the front window circuit also defrosts the mirrors (Think its the front or maybe the rear cant remember off hand) so when you think about it why would you not want a system like this on a frosty morning. Yes it also helps demist the inside of car as well. It is very very speedy to be honest and yes it time might vary depending on how cold it is outside ect but if you windows are keep clean from dirt both inside and out then I find that the defrost from heavy ice is usually less than 2 min and your ready to go. Also as for the inside demist the cleaner the windows are the faster they demist. A little tip I read about on line thought I give it a go was to use a little shaving gel on the inside of the windows to clean them, I was surprised how well this worked and now use it all the time on my inside windows, especially the 4 side windows, This means inside the car never mists up too bad and clears quickly and also it lasts for a good month almost so a winner all round. As for the VW system they can keep it and the rest of their VW's I will have my ford any day of the week
  10. Welcome to the forums
  11. Thanks I will have a look online and see what deals are about.
  12. Sorry Mike just saw this today. Glad to hear all went well for you. That's Great stuff That gives me confidence it will do my job, No I have not came across anything yet but plan to now that xmas is over and the Bills are up to date lol! If you come across any deals online let me know. I be looking to have it fitted for the summer time this year and also probably give it ago myself at the fitting.
  13. Im looking to replace the brake shoes on my focus before the MOT this year. Has anyone got a part number for the originals or recommend decent replacement ones? Mu local autoshop sells C**p these days so gonna have a look elsewhere, Thanks
  14. Simon Thanks for replying, so it will relearn the values to these senors after a while? Trust me lesson learned for future ref about messing with functions I don't know much about lol!. I just thought the pcm reset module function would be like leaving the battery off for a while to reset thing. I will make sure to back up all original configurations from now on just to be sure. Im looking for a bit of a guide for elm congif but cant seem to fins any type of info on most of its functions anywhere.
  15. I think I will be staying with petrol after reading that lol! Most of my family converted from diesel to petrol over the last year and wish they had done it sooner, Its like I keep telling them and anyone who asks "petrol vs diesel which one should I get????" you need to find a car you like first then look at the differences between the specs engines ect and then consider your own budget and needs as the same thing wont suit everybody I would recommend some of the newer petrol engines like the eco boost or similar because at the end of the day most people want a decent car that is cheap to run but is reliable so really its up to your self to weigh up to pro's and cons and see what the result is. Good luck.