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  1. Darren I haven't experienced the DDS coming on in wet no matter how hard I drive or How sharp I throw the car in corners or even large puddles or floods of water, I have been testing this out to see of I can get it to trigger but the only things Im getting in the esp/transaction control light flashing on/off. Could it be your psi maybe that is too high and its causing the abs to trigger the dds under those wet conditions? I would try lowering it a little and test that and when I reset the tyre pressures via stalk I make sure to be stationary with handbrake on, not sure if it makes a difference but sometimes things need the handbrake on to safely set certain things. I cant remember of top of my head what but I think functions like the seat belt chime, disabling the esp via stalk ect I read that in a manual and out of my OCD Habits lol! I just do it when I reset anything via stalk.
  2. I find they will only change speed when car is moving, if you are are stopped or idling they will resort to a default interval until you move off again. Hope this helps
  3. Not sure about the ecoboost engine but I have done it on the standard 1.6 mk2.5
  4. Darren I have been using this on my MK2 now for about a year and its been great. I find it flags when pressure drops about 4-psi but I can confirm it does work as it picked up a slow puncture I had, so I got it fixed before I got stranded on roadside lol! also flags when I get a new tyre as they always over inflate it so I just readjust to my own pressures and reset via dash stalk and yeah good to go again I don't know why it wasn't enabled from the start but I guess it was maybe offered as a £££ extra or something along those lines. But I'm glad I have it, Its a feature that is actually useful.
  5. Thanks guys for all the information there, I will start getting together the tools next week. Stefan I was planning on getting all new bolts just to be safe as I think I read they are stretch bolts so have to be renewed. Does the whole timing kit from ford include these bolts or do they have to be ordered separate?
  6. Hopefully it might fix itself at some point, that area is not handy got at.
  7. OK fellas the time has come to do the Timing belt change. I have the mk2.5 1,6 zetec model and plan to go to ford next month to buy the timing belt kit and the water pump as well to fit all at the one go. At the moment I am just gather up things I will require to make this job easier for myself. Its been years since I have done a timing belt but I willing to give it a go. I know Darren did his timing belt a while back on his diesel focus, so any pointers would be great here if you have time to have a read here. I am thinking about picking up the following tools first: 1) 2) 3) will this be of help to me in this job and off hand does anyone know what the size of the crank bolt is? My 1/2 inch socket set is missing bits and bobs so may need to pick up a new socket to fit that or else I will have to try the 3/8 sockets on it and a breaker bar or my 3/8 cordless impact wrench. I also need to pick up a decent torque wrench to get all tightened up properly after all is installed so will be on the look out there as well. so any body done one on this engine and any tips are welcomed. Also I might try to get a guide with some pictures up here when Im doing it as it may help others out at somepoint, I think the focus guides are missing timeing belt pdf guides so hopefully we can get one made and put up.
  8. Michael its been a long haul regarding spark plug gaps on here lol! but here is the proper gaps that ford use thanks to wilco (JW1982) Focus MK2/MK2.5 1.4/1.6 Duratec and 1.6 Duratec TI-VCT = 1,2 mm. 1.8/2.0 Duratec HE = 1,3 mm. 2.5 Duratec ST/RS = 0,7 mm. Focus MK3/MK3.5 1.6 Duratec TI-VCT = 1,20 mm (0,7-0,8 mm for LPG versions). 1.0 ECOboost = 0,7 mm. 1.5 ECOboost = 0,8 mm. 1.6 ECOboost = 0,8 mm. 2.0 Duratec HE = 0,9 mm. 2.0 ECOboost ST = 0,8 mm. 2.3 ECOboost RS = 0,75 mm if you want to have a read of the thread here is the link. goodluck.
  9. Darren I used this in the past (a good while back) on some family members cars and found it a brilliant job to be honest. I just used an old bicycle wheel to hook it up as it was at hand but a top tip which I found out and I think where a lot of people go wrong with this kit is don't over pressurise the wheel your connecting it too as this will cause the seal on the cap to the reservoir to bust and leak, To be honest you don't need that much psi in it , I think it says a max of 20 or so but I used I think 10 or 12 to be honest and its was a great job. If your are replacing the old fluid with new ones just keep an eye on the bottle as it does empty pretty fast. As for accessing the reservoir I think all should fit ok as long as no pipes are bent ect but if you find it awkward on the focus you can remove the plastic below the window and that should give a lot more room. Do a leak test before you add any fluid and that's basically it you just do around the wheels in order and bleed until new fluid goes in. I left the car running when doing this think it may be better for the ABS Pump but to be honest I'm not sure if it had any benefits over leaving it switched of but all seemed to be ok after and brakes have had any issues since so I take it all was well. I don't see a ABS Brake bleed service in forscan although it might be in the newer updates I must check if I need an update later. Tome is right vacuum bleeder is the best but My compressor was out of operation for a long time so I just got this kit and I prefer it to be honest. Let me know of you find a service procedure function for the ABS PUMP and let me know how you bleed the clutch as I think my clutch needs a wee bleed but I may change the fluid in my focus before the end of summer as part of a major service this year after I attempt the timing belt Good luck. I also found this thread if it may be of some help
  10. Sometimes the Haynes manual can go a few extra steps that are not really required but can make the task a little easier so I suppose if your following it you keep yourself right also. Anytime I came across stuff like this I tried everything but always ended up with pulling out the grinder. I would try to slacken the track rod on there steering arm part (the alignment nut) first and then just cut the nut off with a thin disc on the grinder and use a punch to top it out of the hub. After that its only a matter of unscrewing it of the steering arm and sticking on a new track rod with a new nut. I know what your thinking but sometimes you have to go with the flow lol! To prevent this sort of thing I always the underside of my focus with underseal and the suspension, then every time I do a service I always wd40 over the bolts and nuts to keep them from getting sized. This have saved me a lot of hassle over the years and might not work for all but works for me. Hope you get all sorted ok
  11. Fords Fully Synthetic 5w30 Formula F Or Castrol's oil
  12. I had the same but its just seems to be surface rust so nothing extreme, I just rubbed it down with wire brush and used some Hammerite black over it, Hasn't came back since and that was 3 years ago. I always keep an eye on it though and check under the carpet just to make sure it not worse than it looks but it should be ok, I put it down to scuffing it with shoes ect over time an the ac hot/cold on from time to time just turns it to rust.
  13. Peter I have been using a little set of ebay myself original cost was £20 and they have been going very well for the past 3 years or so, so I cant be bad to that lol! My focus didn't have parking sensors but to get them fitted from ford was a tad expensive at the time, and to be honest I only got them as a gadget novelty thing thinking I would never really use them much, How wrong was I lol! I use them all the time and they are a great job and I'm glad I installed them.
  14. Ben not sure about the mk3 but I had an annoying rattle from the dash on my mk2.5 and I spent ages trying to find it convinced it was coming from centre vents, but it actually turned out to be the Programme changer stick on the radio stalk just bottom of steering wheel. it would vibrate and rattle/shake every so often but I removed it, opened it and fixed it and never had the rattle since, Just a though but check the stalk controls as sometimes if they are loose they will shake about. Good luck anyhow.
  15. good job Paul. sometime dirt ect can build up inside the sensors so a god good every so often is the way to.