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  1. Its always good to be re re minded anyways lol! Battery ordered this morning so i will keep updated to see how it pans out. Thanks
  2. When you pop the battery terminal back on there is no major spark or anything like that out of the ordinary. I think andy is right it os the battery just coming to its end of life cycle so im gonna order that one and hoepfully it does the trick.
  3. Yes i have it safe and sound. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. Yeah weather is a let down here as well but i will pull out the umbrella if needed lol! Will order that tomorrow and get it fitted. If it done the job for yourself andy it should do well in my focus. Thanks again
  5. Is there anyway to test this just incase this is the case for me here but i think its the battery to be honest.
  6. Thanks Andy, is that the silver calcium type? I think i might order that as the price seems very good. It looks like ots a 53ah battey so probably a little bot of an upgrade to my old one.
  7. Yeah i think its the original battery. Its the ford silver calcium 43ah i think feom what i remember from the label on top. Its completely sealed and doesn't have the little peep hole. I guess i will have to get a new battery amd see how that pans out. Is there any way to test a battery disgcharge rate agaisnt what its supposed to be?
  8. Ok i need to get some advice on this one. Went to start the car after cleaning it out and it was dead. Tested the battery it said 11.0 volts. So took battery out and charged on charger untill it read full poped it bck in and all was fine. This happened again and is more regularly happening especially when doors are opened for any time peroid even short time you can watch thr multimeter volts drop until you close them. I have yested the altenator and its reading 14.37 to 14.4 but it has started to whine the last few days well i think its the alternator as its hard to pin point but the tone changes when you stick on a heavy electrical load.. So is it the battery or the alternator?? Anyfuther tests i can do with this? Thanks
  9. I wanted a Mk1 when they came out but my first focus is the mk2.5 so im gonna have go with that. love the shape and drive of the car but I do like the engines in the mk3 mainlynthe Ecoboost. I like the idea of a turbo charged petrol engine for every day use. the mk2.5 is a lovely looking car though. ford do have some of the nicest looking cars on the road today.
  10. Thanks Baggiejames
  11. Yeah this is exactly where mine is broke. I think i will try the junilee clips as i might have a few lying somewhere. If its secured enough it should be ok for MOT. Thr rest of the exhaust is in good condition so just that little bit to sort out. Thanks again
  12. i had a little incident this evening.driving home I got a bit of fencing wire and it got caught in exhaust and broke the very last rear bracket. I'm raging to has I have mot in 5 days and wont have time to get it welded. the whole exhaust is 100% fine and its only the little bar that comes of the pipe to the rubber mount that is broke. I saw these in my local auto parts and was wondering would they work OK and pass the mot. them seem to fit around the pipe and then pop into the rubber mount so they look like they do the same job but just wanted to check on here first. They have different sizes so need to get the actual pipe diameter first but im sure even the 2 inch one could be altered to fit ok. Thanks
  13. on a side topic are the heated front window screen ("quick clear") still exclusive to ford only? I hope they keep it as it does other something that no other makes have. It seems like ford have great tech first then other makes get it and market the hell out of it. An example is the self park mode I first saw it in the focus but now I see it in other makes of cars and the TV ads are constant. It bugs me because people who are watching are like " wow would you look at that its amazing how the cars park themselves " ect ect and Im like yeah ford had that ages ago in the mk3 focus but it is crazy how powerful marketing is especially with tv ads. Another one that pops to mind is the new Mercedes with 4matic all wheel drive or something of that, It reminds me of fords new all wheel drive system that they developed for the focus rs and then where talking about putting it out across the range of models which I think is a great idea.
  14. Thanks again stefan.
  15. I bet when he saw you he wished he had bought a Ford now lol!