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  1. Is the car defiantly not showing any signs of overheating at all? Check round the hose connections and the thermostat housing in case it's drawing air in but I would run it idle for about 20min with no cap on just to clear any air out and see what it does.
  2. It very strange indeed. I myself would expect to see a loss in coolant if teh headgasket was gone and to see the car overheat as well but as you say when its driving it going great so im not so sure its the head gasket. Is the coolant nice and clean? This is a presurised system so there will aslways be a little bit of pressure in it but the collant cap may be faulty as it should vent pressure out over time to keep the collant system working correctly. check this and even let the car idle for about 20 min with thw cap of to see if it clears any air in the system. It very confusing that this could be linked tothe starting issue especially when there is no collant loss at all, but i would try that and also clean the throttle body as well as it can do nothing but help.
  3. Yes they if they are all set and wroking correctly and trhe engine is in good shape then the tips of the plugs will have a greyish/cleanish look to them. I say if they look clean then they are all 100% but new plugs will also help. another thing I would do is take the throttle bottle of and give it a good clean. Its easy enough to do just the large intake pipe at front attached via dupliyclip and then for the TB its one elctrical clip and 4 toqx screws. see how it goes and keep us updated.
  4. Im not convinced myself that the collant pressure thing is the source fo the starting issue. I take it there is no overheating problems with the car? Are the plugs on good conditrion and gapped correctly? I think ots 1.3mm from top of my head. also when you removed the do they look Normal at the ends or are they oily or wet or anything? its a strange issue alright but its sound like something minor as I would of thought if it was a major issue the car would not run great when it does start. is there any error codes coming up or anything and when you tryed the new crank sensor did you reset all codes?
  5. Thats a strange one alright. The oil in the plugs would not of helped but make sure that the oil level is up where it should be as low oil pressure can cause the car to constantly turn over as far as I know. The expansion tank pressure is a new one to me , I dont think it could have any thing dorectly linked to the car not starting but make sure the is no leaks and no air in the coolant system and also that the thermostat is working as should be. Another long shot to check is the immobilisor and the key make sure the key is not damaged or the likes even of you have a spare one try it out for a bit as it could the immobilisor could be picking it up ok one minute and not the next. an important area I would say to make sure 100% is working is the battery. Now i know its sounds basic but the ford system has to use the silver calcium type battery. I only came across an starting issue like this once before in a fiesta when the battery was tested 100% and was holding charge ect but the electrical system was playing up with all different types and signs of errors. After a battery swap to test/elminate that being the issue it actually solved the issue completely, the battery was the correct type and seemd to be holding charge but it must of been playing up under load so a new batteyr solved it. It may be worth a check. and also to clean all terminals ect just to be on the safe side.
  6. Has the fuel pressure been checked as it sound like maybe the fuel pump could be low pressure or maybe the gauze could be clogged a little. Stick some redex in the system regulary for a while and also before starting the car turn the ignition on (dont start the car) until you hear the fuel pump prime itself. then turn it of and repeat this again. On the 3rd attempt after the fuel pump prime sound turn the key all the way and see if it starts up straight away. I have seen this issue in the 1.6 zetec petrol engine before and a good few runs with clean fuel with redex or the likes added and the iginiotion system is is good shape as well as the plugs seemed to help and cure bad starting so we put it down to just letting the car run too low on fuel too many times that it maybe took dirt up to the fuel pump which in theory reduces the fuel pressure so can cause the car not to start on the first turn. It might be worth a try anyway.
  7. Hi have you made sure that the plugs are clean and gapped correctly? also that the ignition leads are all secure? Does this only happen on a cold start up? And if its been driving 100% warmed up when you stop it does it start ok again or do you get this issue?
  8. It could be but I honestly doutb it as these switches have little springs which keeps the tension on them so for them to click just when turning would be a suprise ot me. are you 100% sure its not any parts of the plastic trim ect clicking or moving? also would it be possible to get a video clip to hear the click sound as it may help pinpoint it.?
  9. I forgot all about these lol! nearly all of my wheels are mising the chrome caps from the nuts (original ford ones) thanks to the tyre fellas. I was wondering instead of swapping the whole nut for a new ones would the plastic black caps pop on over my exsisting nuts? just be a little cheaper than forking ut for a whole new set.
  10. No worries John glad I could be of some help.
  11. Hi john i take it you mean the part that the attaches to the boot lid itself and the string popes onto? have a look at these and see if they are what your looking for,
  12. To be honest I havenet got a clue lol! I cant think of what would be clicking in that area but check the steering rack under thereand any trimming in case they are catching, also check the pedal tops where they attach just to make sure nothing is catching or have broken .
  13. Try changing the brakes first and see if that does anything. If it diesnt come back and we can help investigate a little further.
  14. That sound like a dose to pinpoint. does it sound like a creak or the type of click you get from an indicator relay? spray a little wd40 over the steering rack joints just to elimate them, it will keep them nice and free ayways.
  15. Hi Pete welcome to the ford family, The fellas on here are graet and we all try to help one another out the best we can, Yes as others have said the clunk at start up is 100% Normal and is just the ABS test, The other issue does sound like its just the ABS/Transction control kicking in but do check the brakes on that side as others have said just to be sure and I would also check the tyre pressue as if the grip or tyre pressure od off it may cause that sisde to set the system off. Also does it only happen when turning the one way? The system does detect any little ford of slippage and sets off I found anyway but I do think its a great system for day to day driving. Better it works than doesnt lol!