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  1. +1 same as sean here for the ebay ones. I have a set from ebay I fitted and 3 years later still going 100%, Just a tip the silver ones you see prepainted are a very very close if not an exact match to the moondust silver focus, I have these and they are perfect for the bumper. Also like sean says you can always paint them if you cant get a close enough color.
  2. Stefan Been very busy with family stuff last little while I never had a chance to get back to this so hopefully get a chance soon, All the tools came and look well I have to say, Is the only thing I need now the Timing belt kit (with water pump)? Do I require any extra bolts or gaskets or anything that you can think of? I will have to ring my local ford parts department and get a price. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies fellas, good to get all cleared up there
  4. just wanted some advice for piece of mind. i usually get the castrol magnatec 5w30a5 but when i ordered this time i got sent the castrol magnatec 5w30 a5 stop start. it looks the same spec just different label so is it the same stuff and ok to use and or top up along with the other 5w30a5 stuff? thanks.
  5. Hi All Im in teh focus department but family member had a power steering issue , since fixed and I need to know what tyupe of power steering fluid is correct, the manual says wss-m2c204-a2 so is this stuff correct as I came across 2 types: or many thanks in advanced. --------------EDITED---------------------------- I forgot to mention that the one that came out was a green colour so I think maybe the one in my first link is the correct one,
  6. I almost forgot the most important stuff there stefan lol! I think my local has them on offer so I may stock up lol!
  7. Hi Ian No mine is not the Tivct 1.6 its the Normal 1.6. I have ordered those tools so if you think of any others that I may need please do let me know. Thanks.
  8. Thanks stefan I will order those now and hopefully they arrive soon. I will get the flywheel locking tool as well as like you say it makes the job easier and it should be useful to have for future belt jobs so might as well get it now. I will keep this thread updated as I progress. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Stefan I have been busy the last while so only getting back to this tread now. So I have gathered up some new tools for the job including a new 1/2 socket set, breaker bar, Torque wrench and angular gauge. Upon some research the folloing is a list of "special tools" need to help with the job included are the OEM numbers. OEM Number Tool Name 205-072 Cam Sprocket Holding Wrench 303-1054 Tensioner Pully Locking Pin 303-376B Alignment Plate 303 748 Crankshaft Locking Tool Now laser do a kit named "Laser 4347 Timing Tool Set" which includes the "303-376B Alignment Plate" and "303-748 Crankshaft Locking Tool" the only thing missing is the "303-1054 Tensioner Locking Pin", I cant seem to find this seperatly anywhere so can this be replaced with a small nail or something like that? also the 205-072 Cam Sprocket Holding Wrench goes under "Laser Tools 2869" I saw one with a blue handle and one with a red but since they have the same codes I think they are exactly the same so I will get either. I had the flywheel locking kit listed as well "Laser 4275" but there is no mention of this in the Haynes manual so will it make the job a little easier or will it be a waste and also will it fit my focus (2009 1.6 zetec model). I know you said before you have done a few belts on the focus and any input would be very much welcomed. I am trying now to get together this little bits and bobs before I get the Belt/water pump kit from ford in the next few weeks. Many thanks in advanced,
  10. Thanks Chris, I spotted the option for the rear blades and its saying H351 so that whole set must be correct, I will order it and get them all fitted before the heavy rain, which has came here all ready roll on some snow this winter lol!
  11. Thanks fellas according to the bosch ones that fit are the aerotwin code A978S so a quick search I found these at at decent price : I take it this are the right ones then? I got rid of the box of my last bosh set so forgot to note the code lol! anybody got the part number for the rear one? ------------UPDATE----------------------- just found this|Model%3AFocus&hash=item2a6b21cc9c:g:SYYAAOSwGIRXcQnN It looks like the bosh rear wiper code is H351 what you guys think of this set for he money?
  12. I need to get some new wipers for the front and rear window on my mk2.5 focus. Trying to get in there before the storms appear lol! Does anybody have any links or codes to the best priced ones, I think last year I used Bosh but are the ford OEM ones the same or whats the best ones to go for? Thanks
  13. Very very Nice biff, They seem to weather pretty well after 1 year unprotected but I like the black plastic caps as they give the alloy a nice effect. where did you get the plastic caps and how are they holding up? so would you say those alloys nuts are 100% as a replacement for the ford ones, I know that sometimes you can get very cheap metal ones that crack but if you have been using those for a year or more I'd say they be ok,. so are those the one in the first link? Cheers * I Like the silver calipers they do look very tidy indeed. Great set up all round you have there.
  14. Have you any images of these fitted to your car? I have been looking for a set of wheel nuts as the original ford ones have lost the caps and look dreadful without them.