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  1. good point Darren, I'm needing mine filled this summer but going to go after I do the timing belt funds are tight at the minute so no point in me taking the chance getting it filled yet lol! Known my luck it will go pop lol!
  2. I could swear its coming from the alternator but i will add some wd40 round the belts and tensiors and see how that goes. Thanks fellas.
  3. Ok I started getting a noise from the engine bay the last few weeks. when I rev it goes away and comes back sometimes at idle, Its starting to get a bit of a dose especially when im at the traffic lights lol! Now this might sound silly but its sounds a little like a bird chirping and before anyone asks no there is no birds in the engine bay lol! Using the old long screwdriver to the ear trick I think its coming from the alternator, Now all voltages seems ok but I was thinking maybe the bearing in the alternator has maybe dried out a little causing this but not sure?? If its not too serious I could put up with ot until I get a chance to change it but just wanna check what the folks on here think it could be. Thanks
  4. Just read through the thread here, sorry to hear about the sump threads going, Nothing as bad as finishing a job and tightening up to feel to slip on the tension and you knowing the threads have give way. I have been using the same sump plug on a few of our ford card for the past 4 years of services. If they ever leak I will replace them but as a tip for anyone doing an oil change I just slack the sump plug with the socket the unwind by hand. When oil is drained I clean the sump plug and the sump threads with a cloth and then wind it back in full by hand and just slightly tighten up with socket making sure not to over tighten. when I fill up with oil and run the engine for a bit I always check it for leaks but usually its grand. Its simple to work with but one of those things that can cause a lot of hassle, work and money if rushed to be honest, like many have said the sump is soft where as the plug is hard steel so taker her easy fellas lol! Hope you get all sorted out soon. Keep up posted.
  5. I need to replace the P/S headlamp on my father in-laws 2010 Cmax (mk1.5 Model). Its a 1.6 Zetec. I want a genuine ford one to match the good unit on the driver side. Now I came across one online that looks the exact same as the Driver side one but its listed has having "cornering lamp function built in as well". I'm not sure if his car has this or what this is but is there any handy way to check before I buy this unit? also does the mk2.5 focus have this option in the headlamps? Thanks
  6. sorry Costas , just saw your message. Its the radio controls to the left of the steering wheel. On mine the little stick for changing radio stations or cd tracks was a little loose so vibrated when driving,. Hope this helps
  7. No Problem Jason, Thats what we are here for
  8. who doesn't love chocolate Hob nobs. I may get down the shops and stock up lol!
  9. Yes Stefan you did indeed. I got all the tools I needed for the job including the flywheel locking tool as it might make things a little handier, I just need to get the belt kit/waterpump now and get all installed. so just looking for best prices ect to see what comes up. Also I might drop you a message from time to time for some help on the procedure if i get stuck or not sure about anything, only if you don't mind the hassle Stefan, Other than that I think Im good to go just get the kit and then hope for a sunny day over easter lol!
  10. Hi Jason Thanks for the pics. Yes like stefan has suggested just swing the compressor out of way to get at that bolt. I have included a pic here to which shows the bolts you need to remove to get the compressor moved to give you a little room for the Arms bolt. Take of the under shield to get better access to all. The part I circled in green is the bolt you need access to. The parts I circled in red are the bolts you need to remove of the compressor side. I think this is the correct setup judging from your pics. Just take of the under-shield to get access and remove the bolts in red and then shimmy the compressor out of way to get room to the Arm bolt. From there fit the arm as you did teh other side and the build back up the bolts on the compressor and that should be it. Hope this helps. Sonic
  11. Hi Ian yes I collected them up over the last few months but with family things I never got a round to getting the actual belt kit/water pump and fitting so I have all the tools just need the kit now and then hoping to get it down over easter.
  12. Hi Jason I have the 2009 model and I just replaced both front arms on mine. I had room around the air con but on the 1,8 it may be a little different on that side. I can check the repair manual and see whats its saying but as far as i know it can be unbolted and moved slightly just to gice room like stefan as suggested. Good luck
  13. I have the MK.2.5 1.6 Zetec petrol engine just the standard one not the Variable valve timing one. I will have a look on euro parts and see what kits they have, Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply. yeah I think i will just replace all bolts as well when im at it. (water pump bolts and both cam bolts and the crank bolt maybe). have you any links for the gates kits? Thanks again,
  15. does anybody know what make timing belt kit ford use and how much roughly it would be. I need the whole kit with the water pump included. also is there anywhere online that does teh same quality kit but maybe better prices than my local ford dealer? I'm only looking the kit and plan to install myself.I have been trying to get this done for a while now but with the family the car was always in use so now over easter I plan to get it fitted as kids will be off school ect so the focus can rest up for a few days lol! Thanks Sonic