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  1. sorry Costas , just saw your message. Its the radio controls to the left of the steering wheel. On mine the little stick for changing radio stations or cd tracks was a little loose so vibrated when driving,. Hope this helps
  2. No Problem Jason, Thats what we are here for
  3. who doesn't love chocolate Hob nobs. I may get down the shops and stock up lol!
  4. Yes Stefan you did indeed. I got all the tools I needed for the job including the flywheel locking tool as it might make things a little handier, I just need to get the belt kit/waterpump now and get all installed. so just looking for best prices ect to see what comes up. Also I might drop you a message from time to time for some help on the procedure if i get stuck or not sure about anything, only if you don't mind the hassle Stefan, Other than that I think Im good to go just get the kit and then hope for a sunny day over easter lol!
  5. Hi Jason Thanks for the pics. Yes like stefan has suggested just swing the compressor out of way to get at that bolt. I have included a pic here to which shows the bolts you need to remove to get the compressor moved to give you a little room for the Arms bolt. Take of the under shield to get better access to all. The part I circled in green is the bolt you need access to. The parts I circled in red are the bolts you need to remove of the compressor side. I think this is the correct setup judging from your pics. Just take of the under-shield to get access and remove the bolts in red and then shimmy the compressor out of way to get room to the Arm bolt. From there fit the arm as you did teh other side and the build back up the bolts on the compressor and that should be it. Hope this helps. Sonic
  6. Hi Ian yes I collected them up over the last few months but with family things I never got a round to getting the actual belt kit/water pump and fitting so I have all the tools just need the kit now and then hoping to get it down over easter.
  7. Hi Jason I have the 2009 model and I just replaced both front arms on mine. I had room around the air con but on the 1,8 it may be a little different on that side. I can check the repair manual and see whats its saying but as far as i know it can be unbolted and moved slightly just to gice room like stefan as suggested. Good luck
  8. I have the MK.2.5 1.6 Zetec petrol engine just the standard one not the Variable valve timing one. I will have a look on euro parts and see what kits they have, Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. yeah I think i will just replace all bolts as well when im at it. (water pump bolts and both cam bolts and the crank bolt maybe). have you any links for the gates kits? Thanks again,
  10. does anybody know what make timing belt kit ford use and how much roughly it would be. I need the whole kit with the water pump included. also is there anywhere online that does teh same quality kit but maybe better prices than my local ford dealer? I'm only looking the kit and plan to install myself.I have been trying to get this done for a while now but with the family the car was always in use so now over easter I plan to get it fitted as kids will be off school ect so the focus can rest up for a few days lol! Thanks Sonic
  11. Glad you are all sorted Richard. Hope all goes well for you and you get many good happy years of motoring from it.
  12. to hell with the survey I have lived fords from I was a little kid and always will. My two boys are also ford fanatics and they are only young yet lol! Ford have a lot of history behind them and Henry was a very very smart man he was away ahead of his time. I don't feel any other car manufacture give 100% as ford but that's just my opinion. Still look at this: fords still well in the game these days and with the new range of Models being well speced and having features like All wheel drive ect they are uping their game every year, Any reviews of cars or surveys I don't take heat of as they really are a form of marketing really, the same goes for phones ect I just try the thing myself and if I like it then so be it and if I don't then that's it but in cars I always find myself going back and staying with ford don't know why but I like it
  13. MOT Passed.......... Very pleased thats another years ticket on the focus,
  14. I failed MOT about 2 years ago on this issue on one side. I had just renewed the bulb as well and thought maybe I had not it seated correctly or something but it turn out it was the actual bulb itself just a dud one. It was only and little £1.75 cheaper from local petrol station at the time so I just changed to a set from local auto shops (not sure what make they were just generic i think) and all was well after that.
  15. Update just to wrap up this tread. Battery has been in now for a few days and seems to be 100% so Battery was issue. Thanks for all input.