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  1. MK3 focus - Yes or No

    I agree, I have never had any long term issues with all the fords myself or my family ever have had and there were no warranties at all when we bought them. I had my escort for 10 years without a hitch (and I bought it when it was 6 year old) only for the old rust to take her 10 years later but by that stage It was time to upgrade lol! Myself I personally am happy with a standard warranty of 1 year or 6 months after that then tough luck so more better to make a good decision at the time of buying. Other manufactures offer different warranties but to me its all sales talk because it would be great to see if they actually hold to them when you really need them. Also agree with kia and Hyundai looking and feeling cheaper and not as well built as ford cars. My wifes aunt bought a Hyundai jeep over a ford Kuga and she came from a early mk2 focus and regrets it dearly only now she is stuck in contract so tough, very bad decision on her part (I did try to tell her but no one listens lol!), very cheap looking and feeling inside to be honest as well. Other family members have a vw passat and and a golf and all comment on how they prefer to travel in my focus and my father inlaws cmax as the ride and comfort seems better to them so it goes to show that ford are still surprising people. Also personally think kia and hyundai have copies the design of fords focus and other manufactures cars because some of those look very similar to the shape of the mk3?????? Now looking at the next batch of new ford models after the new RS all or some are going to have the AWD system which will be a game changer again especially for family cars and the likes of the standard focus fiesta and smax ect Between ford new technology and designs for me they are improving every year and I will be happy to keep with them on the way when I need to upgrade, But since my fords last me a good while its hard to change when the current ford id driving well lol! At the end of the day its up to you who is buying but I guess thats why there are so much choice on the market but I love and always have loved ford from my early childhood watching the ford compete in wrc, working at old fords with my grandfather and then doing the same on modern fords with my kids its all about the oval badge and if only Mr Henry Ford knew what he was starting way back when he did, something that would last for generations to come and is still going well to me that's says it all.
  2. MK3 focus - Yes or No

    Love fords myself. Also have had one since started driving and me family have always been ford people. All manufacturers will have some issues but if any car or thing for that matter is looked after and maintained well it should be reliable and last a decent time. Eco boost engine looks fantastic and when i decide to upgrade the family car that will be my next engine choice. I think fords offer great value for money and they have some of the best looking and driving cars on the road and always have done.
  3. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    Thanks Tom, I'm confused as well to what those holes are for and why they are there but they must have some purpose lol! I think I will give the snorkel a good clean and leave it as is, although I can see how adding a few extra hole could be of harm but first I will see if I cant look at the mk3 to see how that airflow is set up.
  4. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    so what's the idea of the holes marks in the yellow circles? I take it that the part I have marked in the green square is the main intake area. So if air is constantly being drawn in at the filter area, would the suction force not draw more air in from these little holes rather than bring it in at the main green square and put it back out (escapes) at these? I cant see any air getting lost through these due to the constant suction of air along the snorkel. My idea was to add a few more hole to better the air flow but maybe if Tom is right and air is lost at these air holes( circled yellow) then if they where closed up and the snorkel just had the one opening (green square area) then would the air flow be stronger/Better? very exciting stuff lol!
  5. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    I thinking maybe if the job of the snorkal is to keep water spray to a minimun then if I drilled some holes in the snorkel and refit it might be a better job than just leaving it off completly. My idea would look something like this...... The black holes I have inserted would be the newly drilled holes. This way at least the snorkel is still doing whatever job ford had for it but its allowing that bit more air to be drawn into the filter box. Especially when the guard goes over the whole lot as I think it help deflect the air to this area where the original and my newly drilled holes will be. What you guys think?
  6. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    it would be interesting to see what way the mk3 has the intake? if anyone has any pics please do post.
  7. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    I was thinking that maybe the snorkel was to stop water spray amd other crap getting in ? not sure what the mk3 looks like but maybe if i reconnect the snorkel but drill more holes along the top of it the same size as it has but next to the two circle areas it might let that wee bit more air in while keeping the spray out. Dee i like what you did my friend but I dont think im brave enough to mod the actual air box just yet lol!
  8. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    Thanks Alex I guess I will just leave it off.
  9. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    so is the Mk3 air intake just direct to the air box itself? I guess I wuld be better to leave it off, I originally thought maybe ot was to divert any water that maybe got splashed up but I dont think it is
  10. Air Filter Snorkel??????

    Ok Fellas I was doing a little general maintenance on the car and was taking a look at the Air box and how the car draws in air. I was thinking that the snorkel restricts the airflow a bit and thought that by removing it the car would get a lot better air flow if it was directed straight at the input of the air box itself. I have been driving it for a week now with this removed and haven't noticed any MAJOR improvements but I think the mpg as improved a slight bit as has acceleration response especially on hills its seems a lot smoother. So my question is does this has a real purpose or it is safe to leave of and do you guys think better air flow is achieved with this off. I know I could change the air filter ect but I probably will stick with ford original filters for now. Here are some pics The green arrows is the original air intakes (which I thought were a little small and restricting??) The red show the part (snorkel) I removed The red shows the way the intake is now. any advice/input welcomed, Thanks in advanced.
  11. Wind deflector noise

    Sean have you got any pictures of them installed? was wondering that when the "NO MORE NAILS" hardens and you ever break a deflector or need to take one out would that stuff not wreck the rubber around the window seal or even crack through time with the heat and vibration of the car moving ect? cheers
  12. Wind deflector noise

  13. Wind deflector noise

    Something that has been bugging me for a long time is at high speeds 50 to 70 mph i get a wind noise on my two front doors as if the windows are down a little. Passengers have ask is the windows closed too many times now so i think ots time to investigate this lol! Does anyone else who has teamheker deflector get this? I thnk i have them installed correctly , i hope so they have been like this for the past 3 years lol! Just 2 little clips that pop up inside the window runner one end hits against the plastic deflector and the other against the window rubber. I have tried adding a strip of that draught proofing stuff to the edge if the deflector in driveres door to try it out and see if it helps so i will know more by tomorrow.
  14. Spark Plug Gap for mk2.5 1.6 zetec Engine

    Thanks fellas i will make sure to absoultley make a not of that lol! Thanks again
  15. Frequent DPF regeneration

    simon I feel your pain my friend lol! I think you may be right maybe the DPF is not getting hot enough to complete a full regen. There must be a sensor of some sort that starts the regen when it reaches a set temperature maybe this is not reading right or could be dirty ect. could be worth a look maybe