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  1. Fuel types

    yep I agree with you all here fellas, I noticed a slight improvement in acceleration and smoothness ect but not worth the extra 10p per ltr lol! I will stick to the regular stuff (Might have to invest in a pair of glasses though so I actually read the pump next time lol!)  On thing I did notice though it goes through the car a lot quicker probably to do with the price though, Hopefully it cleaned the inside a bit so I suppose a plus there.    
  2. Fuel types

    I put the wrong petrol in today I stuck in super unleaded instead of regular by accident lol! I know it will do no harm but I usually use regular as its cheaper but or got me the super better in terms of performance maybe not so much on a standard engine but would it give it a good clean through anyway?
  3. Inside tyre wear

    I think I may have to fit the drivers side arm and get alignment down. If passenger side seems fine I Will leave it until it needs replacement but I guess doing the whole arm is better than doing the back Bush.
  4. Inside tyre wear

    Have you had any kind of wondering or unstable handling feeling through the steering or anything?
  5. Inside tyre wear

    I have been having a bit of strange handling (especially on right hand corners) for a while now. Originally I though I have knocked wheel alignment out due to bad roads (pot holes ect) so a few months back (5 or 6) I got new tyres on front and got car aligned. Car Passed MOT 100% so I thought must just be me BUT After a while it still felt strange on  Handling so I let it go until after xmas and was looking over for it as this years mot is coming up. I once again have got tyre wear on the inside of the drivers wheel (p/s is ok but looks like normal even wear). so I have to take another look at it but I think that the rear bush of the control arm has a little play in it (Thought this last year but MOT passed it ....) and maybe its worse under load (ie car traveling and taking corners). The Track rod end, Steering and ball joints all seem to be tight with no play. So my question is should I change the whole arm or just the back bush of the front arm (If possible)?  and then planning on a new tyre and realignment.   any advice welcome, as I say all else seems tight so a bit baffled.   Thanks
  6. Vincent great install there my friend. I dont have the rain sensor fitted to my focus but that has to be one of the best discrete installs I have seen with a dash cam fitted next to the rain sensor. Very discrete indeed,   Here is my install using a custom made bracket as I was not a fan of the suction cup type mounts.   Mobius is a great little camera. Its actually hard to believe how small it really is lol!
  7.   I myself would highly recomend the "Mobius" dash cam as it very discrete and provides excellent image quality both day and night, A few other fellas here and it installed and also some have different types of dashcams including dual ones with a front + rear cam installed. There is a dash cam out there for everyone as there are a good few to choose from but basically boils down to your individual needs& requirements. Me personally I wanted something discrete (like an install + forget type of thing) and would do its job when needed I have had the "mobius" for over a year now and its been 100%. There is also a guy called "Techmoan" who reviews a lot of Dashcams, if you give a search on interent you will find his site no problem.   Hope this helps 

    That explains it.   I usually use the website to post but recently the app proved to be useful when out and about with the mobile lol! Hopefully it gets an update to follow the site, Nice look though but may take me a few weeks to get used to the new look. Very modern looking if I so say so myself lol! 

    Has the website got a new layout the last week or two? also is the app working ok since the update to the website? My app has not been working the last few days but I might try a reinstall.
  10. Throttle Body Clean

      Rich I cleaned my throttle body on my 09 1,6 zetec model. Very easy to do to be honest. I did it in a few steps and took my time just to make sure all was ok.   I agree with sal though first check for any codes as its the easiest thing to do. I am not sure about the fuel filter though as my model its built into the pump itself so its what ford call "Lifetime Filter" Meaning it cant be changed at services but your MK3 model they may have a changeable one some one else could maybe confirm that. From the top of my head (Its been a while since I did mine lol!).   1) Turn engine off remove the key, unplug the throttle body wiring. 2) remove the Air intake pipe from top of throttle body housing and at the air box end. (May be a bit different on your model) 3) Remove the 4 torx bolts from throttle body. Remove throttle body. Mine had a small rubber gasket that I cleaned and reused, I think most have these but some models may not so be careful when removing it , a very light tap should release it if its well secured.  4) I inserted a small piece of wood in wrapped in a cloth to keep butterfly valve open so I could clean around the inside of the throttle body ect. I just used a soft cloth soaked in wd40 then another soaked in petrol then a dry one for a final wipe down and then left all for a few minuted to fully dry. Try not to scratch the inside of the body as I think its best to keep it as smooth and clean as possible.   5) To reinstall you just do the complete reverse and leave the wiring plug to last. 6) The bit I did read up on was you have to kind of reset the throttle body with the ecu. Again from the top of my head it was very easy the steps where just reconnect the throttle wiring and then pop the key in but don't start the car. Put the ignition on and leave it for about I think 30 seconds or so and then turn it off and wait for another 20 seconds or so and that's it. You can hear the throttle resetting during anyway. Those times may be a bit more than stated but as I say its from the top of my head If you need more info I can look into it but its pretty straight forward.   Hope this helps.
  11. Urgent Help Elm327 Car Won't Start

    No worries fella, I will have a read through that page later. Thanks :)
  12. What Dash Cam.

    Here is the Hard wire Kit Link But it may be expired now but you can always look for the same cable again. This is the exact one I have been using for the past Year and a half with no issues at all.
  13. What Dash Cam.

    Just thought Id add some pictures of my Dash-cam Installation here to let others see. This is my dash cam package. For those of you who dont know much about the mobius its very small roughly about the size of a Ti Tac box Id say. I wasn't happy with mounts fir the camera as teh suction mounts kept falling especially with the heated screen. I was also not keen on the sticky mount as well and I thought these mounts added unnecessary bulk as so I made my own lol!. Here is My Homemade mount attached to car but unpainted. I hardwired my cam into the car using a cable which i will link to below. I ran the cable under the roof liner down the passenger Pillar into the fuse box and then on the passenger cill under carpet I earthed the negative point. When all was built back together I positioned my cam to how I would want it and then give the new mount a little paint. Here the outside view (sorry for the reflections) but it is very Deseret which was what I wanted. To be honest I forget half thr time its there. The mobius has many options for customizing settings ect. I use my phone and a cable to connect to it to change settings or if needed position. When i want a clip off just pop out the SD card and its that easy. There is also a pc program for it which is really easy to use and can be used to update the firmware as sometimes it gets new features with new firmware. I choose mobius after a lot of research and reviews on it and also because it met 3 of my biggest concerns which was overall budget, how Deseret it will be when installed, quality of footage both day/night, and for me it passes all marks **If I find the link for the usb Hardwired cable I will post it.
  14. Urgent Help Elm327 Car Won't Start

    Darren do you have a copy of the user instructions that came with yours? I just got the cable and driver disc and nothing more when I bought mine.
  15. What Dash Cam.

    Just watched this Darren , can't believe what i saw lol! Did they hitbit twice or is that the way you edited it? Also parkmode is good on that camera I use the motion sensor setting on the mobius which picks up movement when my car is parked and it started recording. Thought I would just metion that for those looking at cameras. At some point I plan on rigging another one for the rear window. I would not have a car now without some kind of dashcam installed because you just never know. Lol!