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  1. Anyone Put The New Shell V-Power In Their Fez?

    i use this fuel in my 11 plate S1600 and i have noticed a slight difference in fuel economy and very slight change in power
  2. Does anyone know how easy it is to remove the silencer from my exhaust as i would like it to sound a little bit louder i have purchase a K&N air filter for the car and it sounds quite nice. Please any help would be appreciated
  3. Car Speakers Blown, Dont Know Why

    same thing happened to me in my s1600 fiesta if you press menu on your audio unit and go into dsp occupancy and change that to driver then put it back to optimse all then switch it off and back on and you should find that you will get sound out all speakers again. Hope you find this useful
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums MarcD93 :)