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  1. Should always use the handbrake when you've come to a stop. If you just sit on the brakes, after slowing down it can cause damage to the discs and pads as they are hot after use and doesn't do them any good to stay pressed together when hot.
  2. escort panel van

    Got any pictures?
  3. Fiesta mk4 brake pipe replacement?

    On the fiesta there is a union by the fuel tank. I think you can do it without removing the tank as when I had mine done the garage only charged £40 so can't see them dropping the tank. You will need a flaring kit to flare the ends so you can put all the unions on. Also a pipe bending kit to carefully bend the pipe as you must not kink them. I haven't done it myself but I believe it's fairly easy, just keep the original pipe as a guide for when you form the new one.
  4. MOT next month, will this fail?

    Or very very carefully lower the car down with the wheel nuts off if it's really stuck
  5. DAB Aerial

    But if this one fails I will look at a splitter, after more research
  6. DAB Aerial

    I went for another halfords film aerial. Found the receipt for the original and exchanged it at no cost. I thought even if this one only lasts 3 months I'm still no worse off!
  7. First long journey with the dashcam fitted...

    Seems very good value considering the quality of the footage.
  8. DAB Aerial

    Is it factory fitted DAB?
  9. Lookie what I found

    Looks good! I love my mk3, need to get it out of the garage more often :)
  10. First long journey with the dashcam fitted...

    Nice clear picture! What dash cam have you got?
  11. DAB Aerial

    All sorted, found the receipt for the aerial and got a replacement. Works fine now :) Mounted it on one of the side windows (3dr) after what you said @GMX
  12. DAB Aerial

    Been doing a bit of reading and apparently these splitters can result in large signal losses. Also the aerial on the roof might not be 'tuned' to receive a strong dab signal. Most of my driving is country roads in Cheshire or around north Wales so I need to get whatever signal I can. No really sure what's best now :(
  13. DAB Aerial

    Cheers for the reply. I have mounted the film one along the passenger side A pillar. The problem with the ford one is I think that for oem dab radios, so has the wrong connector for my Sony. Thing is its has been working fine up until a last week, I just don't think they're that robust. Mate of mine had the same issues. That's why I'm thinking the splitter would be better, as long as they actually do the job!
  14. DAB Aerial

    Hi all, Having issues with my DAB tuner and am fairly sure it's the aerial. In my last 2 cars and my current focus I have used the windscreen film type aerial, but am beginning to think these aren't that good. I have seen the splitter you can get that converts the existing roof aerial (see below) and was wondering if these work any better? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAB-Pioneer-Splitter-for-digital-radio-Adapter-to-share-FM-aerial-Antenna-/161831316258?hash=item25ade5eb22:g:eyMAAOSw~uhUnpHg Cheers
  15. Seating position

    The zetec s seats have adjusters to lower the seat base. Other than that they would need modifying