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  1. Ford Owners Club Iphone App! ... Designs :p

  2. Ford Owners Club Iphone App! ... Designs :p

    Would it be worth putting up a post asking if anyone can/knows someone who'd help us out?
  3. Ford Owners Club Iphone App! ... Designs :p

    these are just mock ups really so it would be up to who ever would code it really, if done i could design for any platform
  4. Ford Owners Club Iphone App! ... Designs :p

    I posted something similar to this yesterday but i've just realised that really its in the wrong part of the forum so heres a finished version of it now... I was also wondering if there were any designers/people interested in design on here?
  5. Just Emailed My Insurance, Wish Me Luck!

    I tend to agree, my fiesta didnt come with the fiesta spoiler but i added that and didnt feel the need to tell them but the alloys im getting look nothing like stock ford ones so im going to have to otherwise have my insurance invalidated
  6. Do You Have A Spare Tyre?

    My Fiesta never came with one annoyingly but i ordered a new wheel when i hit a "pothole" which in second thoughts may have been a chasm in the road and it bent my steel wheel... very kindly they gave me a full size spare with tyre for free :D nice company have used them ever since
  7. Just Emailed My Insurance, Wish Me Luck!

    Thanks! they haven't gotten back to me yet so I think I'm going to have to call them which will probably be a fun few hours on the phone explaining to them...
  8. Just Emailed My Insurance, Wish Me Luck!

    no that sounds pretty good to be honest, I mean I got charged £40 "admin fee" and then another £30 when i changed my address... its all such a scam in that sense
  9. Ford Owners Club Iphone App! ... Designs :p

    P.S if i get bored again you may see some more haha
  10. In short I got bored and played around making a design mock up for how an app for the Ford Owners Club could look so have a look and let me know what you think :) any comments are appreciated
  11. In Doubt

    PS stands for "Pherda Starke" in German which i think translates to horsepower in English. A car may have a 4 cylinder engine with 100 PS. The same car might have the same 4 cylinder engine with a 112 HP (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong)
  12. Fiesta Mk Vii Interior Lighting Questions

    thanks I'll have a look
  13. Whats A Radio Code?

    ahh okay that makes sense then :)
  14. New Alloys!!

    i'll be sure to post some of car-los in his new shoes haha
  15. Fiesta Mk Vii Interior Lighting Questions

    Thanks, are there any guides on how to do this? just so im not running in blind haha