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  1. She'd clocked just under 3500 before she went pop. Never ragged, treated with love shes never been over 100mph in her life.
  2. Looking at Ecat Fords sell three types of bike rack ranging from £53.00 for the Thule free ride, £91.85 Thule pro ride and £81.00 barracuda from MontBlanc. Each rack holds a single bike.
  3. No idea Clarky2013, but thats a possibility. Jamesm182 your not wrong! I was told by a Ford engineer that if the engine had clocked 12000 miles then i would of been given a recon engine instead *shudders*
  4. Anyone else had their ST2's engine go pop? Leaving Hemel Hempstead I stopped at the lights and heard a strange hiss/pop/rattle noise from the front of the car. Pulling away the car was lagging badly. She got me back home back to sunny Thurrock , but idling the engine sounded like it was trying to escape the engine bay. It went into the Ford where I bought her, first thing Monday morning and was at first diagnosed with a faulty spark plug. Not happy with that they did a compression test. After two weeks and lots of phone calls I got the car back with a brand new off the production line engine. The Ford garage would only say that Fords had gotten involved and my old engine was taken away for testing. Touchwood she's running fine now , but I've heard that what happened to mine (which i'm still in the dark about) has happened a few times to a couple of other unfortunate souls. Anyone else had this issue?
  5. I bought a set last week and sent them straight back. The clutch and brake covers look nice, but their shorter than the production covers. The acceleration cover looks and feels cheap and flimsy. Just my opinion , but their not worth the money.
  6. If you put your reg in here (ford etis) it will tell you all your vec details;jsessionid=F38E0DBBCFBDE8E309D35B783B21B896.eccvas502
  7. whats your reg Chris?
  8. The Puma was named Barbie coz the wing mirrors had faded from red to a dull pink. The st 2 i call lil' Bandit as it gets away like one
  9. Whats your reg fella? when i get time i will look it up for you.
  10. Not long had my ST 2 and doh! i just noticed the gear change indicator display. Third to fourth is fine but im bearly into fourth and its saying change to fifth right away. Same with fifth to sixth. Im still getting used to the car and its power so im a bit worried that by ignoring the display i might do the engine some damage. Advice please ;]
  11. Theirs about 6 differnt versions (colours and other options) of the connect steering wheel. Ones listed as Basic so i guess thats the standard type in Dark pewter. Finnis number 5000432 eng part number 9T16-3600-ABD6AP current retail price £266.65 inc vat from fords.
  12. Shes a beauty craiglr. I did not go for the Sat nav option on mine after seeing how much Fords charged for updating it on past models. Doe's it not say in the handbook? I would imagine you can adjust it in the nav settings.
  13. Welcome to the family :] Had mine two weeks and loving every second of it.
  14. Ford Puma now that i know longer drive one. Was not until after i bought mine that i noticed the high percentage of women driving them. Still a great car, kept mine for 13 years
  15. Hi MrDGOrman welcome to the Forum. I past my Driving test in the same Model Fiesta as yours and most of my old Puma shared the same parts. Their good soild cars, i hope you have many many years of enjoyment from it.