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  1. So, got the bracket yesterday and fitted it in less than 20 minutes. Solid as a rock now and all panels fit perfectly. Job done, and I must say I'm pleased.
  2. For now I have "modified" the original none armrest panels will just look when I can for some replacements. I have emailed the guy I got the armrest from on ebay in the hope he has them still. I got everything in one go, so I had the gear gaiter include. I still have my original one though along with the rest of the standard Style centre console.
  3. Will do. Hopefully the bracket will be delivered to the dealer tomorrow, if not it will be Wednesday. The other thing I'm having an issue with sourcing the 2 kick plates that are different between the armrest and none armrest versions. I can get them from ford direct but these are almost £80 for just the 2 pieces of plastic. That's almost as much as I paid for the entire centre console.
  4. Hey there. I too have done this retro fit in the last week and i am having an issue. When I fitted the armrest I didn't realise that the rear of the console on the newer version didn't fit at the bottom like it did on my old, non armrest console, but at the sides. I carried on fitting and left it hanging loose thinking I could rig a piece of sheet metal at a later date. Over the weekend while driving around I noticed that the connection between the console and the radio dashboard would come away and create an unsightly gap. After a bit of investigation it seems that the back of the console is sitting too low down. Thankfully I found this thread and I have ordered the adapter bracket direct from Ford this afternoon. What I'm hoping is that this bracket will lift the rear of the console into the correct position. Did anyone else have this issue when fitting? Currently I have wedged a piece of plastic at the rear of the console to at least hold it in place for now.
  5. Hey everybody, Just thought I'd introduce myself here. My name is John and I have owned my Focus since last summer. I have a 2008 58 plate Focus Estate 1.6TDCi Style and its awesome. He's also called Bruce and he is an absolute workhorse. He has dealt with everything I have thrown at him these past 12 months and hasn't faltered once. I'm mainly here because I found a post on the forums detailing the retro fit of a centre console with arm rest, and since I have just done one and having a few issues, I thought I would register and get some help on what to do next. So Hi everyone, I hope to find lots of help on here over the many years I will have Bruce.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Passman86 :)