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  1. Got a 2008 ford focus titanium... how do I know if I have it or not ? I have read through the manual but it's not really that clear on what to do..... Might be straight forward ?
  2. At work we have started stocking lucas oil stuff.... its reguarded very highly throughout the trade... mostly because its American.... got to say what it does on the tin or they get sued to death.... what about the product above in the link?
  3. That's it then just how they are by the sounds of it
  4. My car didnt come with a engine cover although it does have the holes for one to be put in place. I have had a full service replaced everything. What I did see on the ford service on the previous invoices they had been putting in 5-30 semi synthetic oil. I have put in fully synthetic ford carlube oil in, I doubt that has anything to do with it?
  5. 100bhp engine. it just seems noisey on start up sounds like a 8v lol. not sure if its tappets or injectors... Are they known for noisey engines these 1.6 100bhp ones?
  6. That's good I would never see 40mpg. Costing me 50 quid a week in fuel at the moment.
  7. Ok thanks. Increase fuel economy? Mines really rubbish. I'm getting 35mpg at the very best on good runs out to and from work every day.
  8. That's it then lol. Thanks I will get on with it now then. Just strange never had a car go up to temp that quickly.
  9. I have no idea how to access anything like you have both said. I have the 1.6 100bhp verison. 2008 titanium. Don't know whats what with it but on the temp gauge it does take a round 2-5 mins until its half way on the gauge.
  10. Ahh right, it heats up to normal temps. I would say it takes 5 mins. Would you say thats too fast then?
  11. Is the ti vct engine the 100bhp one? Anyone know much about it? Like how reliable it is etc
  12. Yeah I'd say that was about right 5 mins. When I had the 1.6 diesel that was about 15mins until that got to half way this petrol is sooner than that.
  13. Yeah mate it has a life time filter in tank. I've put some cleaner into the system a while back also unfortunately the little paper top went in as well. But been told that's nothing to worry about as it won't make its way through the system.
  14. It's had a full service yesterday mate, air, plugs, oil filter, oil. It's life time fuel filter on this model. It's in tank. Is the temp thing normal then?
  15. Hi All, Right I don't think these are problems as such apart from one possibility. 1. My car sometimes struggles to start, Battery and Alternator test have come back fine. Starter motor is not noisy. It's a bit strange, it starts while struggling and it sort of struggles and hunts for revs a little and sounds a little rough to be fair. Thoughts? 2. Car gets warm VERY fast well my temp gauge does it takes 1-5mins of idling from cold and it's at the half way mark. Does not go passed the half way mark but it gets there very fast. Just thinking if that's just a normal thing to happen with these cars? Said car is a Ford Focus 1.6 Petrol Titanium 2008 Thanks. Rich.