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  1. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    Rainy days, cold mornings are here and I can hear water running/dripping N/S I believe its coming from the corner area, I have checked the carpets and footwell and had a good feel around and nothing seems to be wet inside the car on the N/S? Has anyone had this problem and sourced where it was coming from? thanks car is a mk2 60plate.
  2. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Are we saying this is normal then? its really annoying to be honest but if nothing can be done, will put it down to one of those things
  3. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Cheers for the help, Ill see if anything comes of it
  4. Morning chaps, I have a ford focus 1.6 petrol 60 plate I have a very annoying problem. Basically its very intermittent when I go over a slight slope/uneven road I get a clunk from the brake pedal random so if I tap the pedal I can feel a little bit of slack with a clip noise, I have changed both brake pedal switches the black one and the blue one, made no difference? Its alittle bit like the noise you hear when you first turn the car on the ABS test clunk?
  5. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Yeah it's the brake pedal mate deffo... when it happens if I tap the pedal after it clicks I can then get it to click... further I get down the road it stops won't click when I tab the pedal so am thinking one of the brake switches???
  6. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Would it be possible for a brake or clutch switch to be causing this problem? or also seems if theres like a little lift in the road while turning thats when it also starting doing the clicking noise...
  7. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Nope me neither I am sure I can feel the clicking on the brake pedal when it does it... but the noise is defo inside the car
  8. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    This clicking noise I can feel it on the pedals when it does it any ideas?
  9. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    It does sound like a faint clicking relay I suppose mate but still not 100% where it's actually coming from
  10. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Would that not be a hallow knock or knocking noise though? As I said it's so inconsistent it's hard to say what it is sometimes it can do it 3-4 times on journey to work well tonight it only did it once so it was only the one click... almost sounds electrical near the rack/pedals
  11. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Hi mate it's just a click click like a sort of noise defo inside the car like rack or pedal area and only seem to notice it when I turn or coming out of a turn to straighten up. Strange one
  12. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Not sure if it's coming from the pedal area slightly annoying nobody heard of this or had the problem and rectified it?
  13. Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Only when cars moving and the noise is inside the car sounds like steering rack area down there, clicking noise
  14. Idicator stalk is fine, car front suspension is all fine doesn't pull nothing all good but when you turn right not at all the time get a clicking noise from the steering rack it seems? Anyone heard or had the problem know what it is please as I said doesn't do it all the time but still slightly annoying. Thanks
  15. iB5 Gearbox

    Yeah seems like most of them do it, if not all of them... strange noise something I have never experienced on a car before sounds like a rally car in reverse ...