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  1. Yeah seems like most of them do it, if not all of them... strange noise something I have never experienced on a car before sounds like a rally car in reverse ...
  2. Yeah taken it to my mechanic he seems to think it was normal as well ... horrible reverse gear noise really to be honest but if thats what it is. It is what it is!!
  3. Ok do you hear that like whine noise while in reverse ? sort of hear it more in low revs. I can't hear it in any other gear only reversing gear
  4. Hi chaps Bought a mk2.5 focus last weekend got some questions about the IB5 gearbox from what I have read not the best of gearboxes Don't have any problem with the gearbox selecting any gear including reverse no problems. But the Reverse noise on the car, Don't recall hearing this in any other gear but while reversing backwards it sounds like a dry bearing the pitch of the noise is nothing I have heard in anyother car I have had before mostly diesels to be honest 2.0tdi's Thoughts?
  5. Hmm seems a bit quiet on here although 45 views I'll get my mechanic to check over the car
  6. Hi chaps bought a 60 plate Ford Focus at the weekend 39k 1 owner full ford service history nice 17" wheels tinted windows looks lovely. I have come from a 2.0TDI and have some questions I don't know if there problems? very high clutch? Reverse noise sounds like a dry bearing strange sound although have heard something similar to somebody else mk2 focus that's a main concern? Car sometimes feels like it's jumping along lol not like misfiring strange feeling? Thanks
  7. Didn't get that car got something else but quite a few people at work have the mk2 focus 1.6 and all of them are different how the gearbox feels... must just be how they are! I still got a focus and that feels different to the one I looked at and everybody's at work lol
  8. Morning, went to look at a 59 plate Focus mk2 1.6 titanium petrol last night. Decent car 40k full ford dealership history, keyless entry etc happy with the spec. Needs a little tlc on the bodywork which the dealer will do but my main question. The gearbox B5/IB5 is the code now I know one particular gearbox not sure if it is this one has problems with syncros and the gear control selector at the top. But I found this box to be very lazy, sloppy was a little notchy going into 3rd as well at first. Is this normal from this model and gearbox?
  9. Got a 2008 ford focus titanium... how do I know if I have it or not ? I have read through the manual but it's not really that clear on what to do..... Might be straight forward ?
  10. At work we have started stocking lucas oil stuff.... its reguarded very highly throughout the trade... mostly because its American.... got to say what it does on the tin or they get sued to death.... what about the product above in the link?
  11. That's it then just how they are by the sounds of it
  12. My car didnt come with a engine cover although it does have the holes for one to be put in place. I have had a full service replaced everything. What I did see on the ford service on the previous invoices they had been putting in 5-30 semi synthetic oil. I have put in fully synthetic ford carlube oil in, I doubt that has anything to do with it?
  13. 100bhp engine. it just seems noisey on start up sounds like a 8v lol. not sure if its tappets or injectors... Are they known for noisey engines these 1.6 100bhp ones?
  14. That's good I would never see 40mpg. Costing me 50 quid a week in fuel at the moment.
  15. Ok thanks. Increase fuel economy? Mines really rubbish. I'm getting 35mpg at the very best on good runs out to and from work every day.