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  1. Meet In Hampshire?? :)

    I Live In Totton But Actually Moving To Lincoln In A Few Months So Want To Do It B4 I Move. I Got A Ford KA Grand Prix 2 In Silver Reg No X7 MFP. What You Got
  2. Meet In Hampshire?? :)

    Yeahh Same. Okay Think We Need More Than 2 People Lol Maybe A Meet In Southampton Somewhere.
  3. Meet In Hampshire?? :)

    Okay Where Abouts Are You??
  4. Meet In Hampshire?? :)

    Okay Where Abouts Are You??
  5. Meet In Hampshire?? :)

    Is Anyone Doing A Meet Up In Hampshire??
  6. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Im 22 :) Yeahh New Cars Are Eco Now. Mines £30 A Year Tax. Free For The First Year :)
  7. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Yeahh I Would. I Know I Watched Top Gear And Was Like I Have To Have That Car. I Love RX8's Though. Would Have One If I Could Afford To Run It. And Im To Young To Have One Lol :(
  8. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Yeahh Should Of Waited Couple Of Months. :( Did Want The Zetec S But Went For The KA
  9. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Lol Ha Did That With My New Car Was Well Embarrassing
  10. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    OMG Jel. Test Drove One The Other Day. Thats My Next Car. Take Me For A Spin Lol
  11. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Lol Ha Ahhh Okay. What You Getting
  12. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Ahhh Cool Im In Southampton :) We Should Organise A Meet :)
  13. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Ahhh Thanks Guys :) Does Anyone Know If There Are Any Meet Ups In Hampshire??
  14. Heyyyyy Every1 :)

    Helllooo :) I'm New To This So Just Thought I Would Say Hi :)
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums MeganP91 :)