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  1. Installing Drl's..

    yes fair enough as I said in earlier post I did have them spliced into the side lights but with the one blinking i tired to see if they would work off the fogs
  2. Installing Drl's..

    hey thanks for the reply for some reason it wont let me link my youtube video? if you want to see what drls they are search "crispy racing" in youtube and when your on my channel its the last video I uploaded I have simply spliced them into the existing fog lamp wires using those blue wire clip/splicers I think I will have to try and have it direct to the battery and see how it works then, I did have it wired to the side lights at 1st and the same thing happened so I wired to the fogs and its still the same cheers
  3. Installing Drl's..

    hey guys sorry to hijack the thread but I am having some problems with my drl's ive got my drl's installed in my fog lamps and they are wired into my fog lamps so they come on when they are activated I may change this to my side lights in the future but I have been having a strange problem now when I have them on with the engine running after a few mins one of them blinks on and off but when I have them on with out the engine on there stay on fine I cant get my head around it?? so when im driving after a few mins 1 blinks on and off but when im in traffic and the stop start kicks in and cuts the engine off it stays on fine so at the moment I cant really use them any ideas here is a video of what I mean cheers
  4. Focus Eco-Boost (Titanium)

    My 2013 Focus 1.0 Ecoboost (Titanium) 153BHP, with SuperChips Bluefin installed. with a few small modifications. zetec s body kit waiting to be sprayed and fitted. hopefully with in a months time
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  7. ST Side Skirts

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  9. shark fin antenna

  10. heko wind deflectors

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