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  1. Ford Stereo With Usb Problems

    Have you updated the firmware?
  2. Spotify & Bluetooth Streaming

    I updated the firmware and it is still being awkward with spotify, I am using a nokia lumia 920
  3. Spotify & Bluetooth Streaming

    Hi All Got my S1600 today, to say I love it is a understatement :) Has anybody else found spotify streaming over Bluetooth damn near impossible, most of the time the car things it's playing a massively long track or point blank refuses to talk to it. Music on the phone plays fine over Bluetooth. Any thoughts? Rylan
  4. Fiesta S1600

    well I have done the deal on a 12 plate car with 10000 miles on the clock, quite looking forward to it :) would like to upgrade it a bit and make it slightly more individual but cost, as always, is the limiting factor!
  5. Fiesta S1600

    I shall wait and see then I think
  6. Fiesta S1600

    looking around, I could do a bluefin map and a panel filter, would I actually notice the 10bhp increase and is it really worth it?
  7. Fiesta S1600

    have the 90 at the moment, I just much prefer the looks of the s1600, I would have a st but the insurance and tax is a bit much at the moment, I think the S1600 with a bluefin will be close enough to the st to keep me happy for now :)
  8. Fiesta S1600

    Im no longer doing the miles to make the diesel worthwhile, I would like something a bit sporty too
  9. Fiesta S1600

    Hi All, I am looking at replacing my 1.6TDCI mk7 with a mk7 S1600. The model I am looking at has 134bhp, yet I think I may want a little more, at the moment I am looking at a bluefin remap which will give me about 10bhp more and circa 12nm extra torque. Is there any other cheapish performance mods that I don't know about? Any other advice or thoughts would be appreciated! Rylan
  10. Retro-Fit Usb........ It Works!!

    Hi There are modules appearing with serials that are like the following: CS7T-14D212-ACCan anyone shed any information as to whether it would be suitable?
  11. Retro-Fit Usb........ It Works!!

    Thats what I was finding, but I will pay it as I can be certain it will fit properly. The tricky bit is finding someone localish who can fit and IDS it.
  12. Retro-Fit Usb........ It Works!!

    Thanks I shall keep an eye on them, I am planning to order the USB cable from ford as that hopefully wont be too expensive.
  13. Retro-Fit Usb........ It Works!!

    I am struggling to find the bluetooth unit, I am also struggling to find somewhere that can do the IDS Rylan
  14. Retro-Fit Usb........ It Works!!

    Hi Gents Can anyone recommend someone in the Kent area who could do this upgrade? I am struggling to find parts at the moment, so if they can be provided as well then its a bonus! Rylan
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Sparticate :)