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  1. Hello all and I hope this is the right place to put this. I recently purchaced a fiesta zetec 1.25 (2000 model) for cheap. I had a standard 1.3 ghia for my first car so I though I would invest in this little car to fix her up. It needed a lot of welding and other bits, managed to get her though the MoT with no advisories which was great but later that night I though I would drive to the petrol station to put some fuel in as there wasnt much in there. she was running fine to the mot center and back but now she seems to have no power and struggles going up hills. I changed the fuel filter yesterday which made a tiny bit of differance but still under powered and struggles on hills. I have to drop down to 1st gear and scream it up any steepish hills. The car came with no service history and it does need a good oil change. I have replaced the spark plugs. Cleaned the MaF with carb cleaner (had idle problems which came at the same time as the loss of power which the idling is now sorted since cleaning and no more stalling or hunting) New fuel filter. (Didnt make much of a differance but exhaust note did sound better) Went to fix a small leak in the rear silencer after changing fuel filter but that broke into 2 pieces so I will be getting a new one on wednesday(havent test drove her without the rear silencer on) Tighten the throttle cable as it was very loose. I will be doing a full oil and oil filter change on wednesday as it is as black as the ace of spades. Could the wrong or very dirty oil restrict the cars power this much? This is my first zetec engine. Im confused to how it can drive ok back from the mot center then later that night be absolutely gutless. Any ideas on other problems it could be? I have a 1lt corsa c which drive much better and faster. Also the throttle response in the fiesta isnt as quick or responsive as the corsa. Thanks for any info or help youcan provide. Dan.
  2. Hello. A quick update about the fiesta. I got a new coil pack for £20 and had it delivered within 2 hours of ordering it. So easy to replace which took me a whole 5 mins. The car is now running like a dream and can pull up the hill near mine in 4th now :) Very nippy car although could do with some better tyres. The pore cat must have been soaked in fuel as it was stinking once those other 2 sparks started working. Had loads of smoke coming out the back end for the first few mins of lettin it idle. The car did keep sticking on 2k revs to begin with but seems to be all good now it has cleaned its self up. I have never had a coil pack go before so at least I know for the future. The fuel consumpion is back to normal again although the slightest throttle when pulling away is very livly A big thanks to the people who helped me find the problem. Muchly appreciated :)
  3. Ok great thanks. I will have a look around at the wiring tomorrow. Hopefully its something simple, if not I will try coil pack. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Ah ok. I used the same ngk in my old 96 fiesta ghia. Guess I will try the bosch ones and keep the ngk for spares for the corsa. Think previous plugs that were in were ngk plugs also. I will have to try different ones tomorrow if I can get some or find any of the fomoco ones. I know back in my college days I adjusted the space for the 96 fiesta plugs to certain mm as it was recommended on the computer. Not sure if it is the same and the spark has to travel to far or what not as I didnt adjust these ones.
  5. Yeah it does smell rich from the exhaust. How can I go about fixing this problem? I did notice the old plugs I had in before replacing them one was wet I think. They were black with carbon build up. Its quite annoying as it was fine the day I got it. All happened once we moved.
  6. Ok just checked. Starting from the left so lets say thats 1. 1 wet, 2 and 3 are dry with a bit of carbon build up and 4 is wet.
  7. Ok will do. They should be ok as they are new but I will go and check them quickly now
  8. I just got the revs to 2kish and the major rattle is the loose heat shield. It is basically resting on the exhaust so I will cable tie that up nice and tight tomorrow as its flopping around on top of it. I will have to invest in some drive on ramps tomorrow. Was fine driving it to our new home but then buggered up when I went to get fuel that same night. Didnt happen gratually it went from working fine to seriously under powered the next time I started it. The rear seems to be firing out air although is does smell a bit rich and sounds like a hellicopter when I put my hand close to it. (Air firing off my hand) Seen this type of thing a lot when trying to search online for possible causes with no cures.
  9. Ah bugger I hope it isnt the cat. I will try and give it a clout. I notice at just over 2k revs there is loads of rattle but thats between about 100rpm so 2-2.1 but then again the heat sheald is very loose under the car so thats probably the rattle I can hear. I will try and give it a tap now if I can get under it.
  10. Ok just got back from getting some more bits, changed the leads and still no difference. I still have to rev the crap out of it to get it up the hill which my corsa can do it in 3rd. Any other ideas please? Seems like it startin to become a money pit. Spent to much time and money on it now to scrap it :(
  11. Ok I will pop out and get some leads now and let you know within the hour to see if it has solved the prblem. Thanks. I know puttin my hand close to the exhaust is sounds like a helicopter sort of soune if that makes sense.
  12. The spark plugs where changed about 2 weeks. I havent replaced any leads or coils and I have no idea when it was last done. It drove fine back from the MoT center. It started to play up that same night when I went to get some fuel for it. Was fine then started it and it wasnt. It sure is confusing.
  13. Oil change and filter made no difference in the feel of it. I live up a short very steep hill and still have to drop down to 1st gear. Being in cornwall there are many hills around me. it has now had a proper full service. I have searched everywhere for this problem on the internet with no luck and have seen many others with the same problem with no fix on any fourms. I guess the next thing is to test the leads to the spark plugs to see if they are all working properly. Any more suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.
  14. A quick update. I have changed the air filter and put the new rear silencer on but still no change. Just waiting for all the oil to drain out now to do a oil and oil filter change. It does have last serviced in 25/05/06 in tipex on the filter case but not sure if it has been done since then. It shouldnt be slower or less power than my than my 1lt corsa. It does smell a bit rich when I started it before it warmed up.
  15. I have not a clue on the age of the air filter in the fiesta, it is probably as old as the last service which could be very old going by the state of the engine oil. It doesnt look to dirty but then again I should and will replace that at the same time as the oil as they are cheap anyway and everyhing else has been changed service wise. I may try and take the cover off the air filter tomorrow and see if that helps with rev response. There is definatly a slight delay between acceleration pedal and revs and the revs are not pucking up very quick at all. I should have done that when I was cleaning the MaF with carb cleaner. There is tipex on the air filter case saying it was last done many many many years ago. Cant remember the date drawn on it but will chack that tomorrow and let you know. I would do it now but without the rear silecer attached I cant imagine the people around me would be best pleased with me testing it out in the dark. (Just moved to this house) I only got the car for nostalgia sake as my first fiesta was great fun to drive on bendy roads. Thanks for the speedy reply :) I miss my mondeo st24 I owned for a few weeks just before moving. That was a beast. I want to get this fiesta up and running smoothly and sell it on now, had it for over a month and a half and only done about 30 miles in it.
  16. Hello all and thanks for reading my post. I am 2 month away from my first years no claims and can re-mot my fiesta. Basically im looking for a van which is good for a first time van owner. I am saving up and when I get full MoT on my fiesta I will sell that and put the money towards a van. Does anyone one know what sort of van is reliable and has half decent MPG? Also what sort of prices should i be looking for? Im not to bothered of the age. My first van has to be quite cheap and while im hear how much could i get for my 1996 Fiesta Mk4 lx ghia 1.3? Iv been wanting a van for a wile now but I dont know anything about them and what is good or not. Any help and info will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.
  17. Hello and I ended up getting a VW caddy, looks pretty rough but I'm thinking of painting it. I do need a much larger van. The Caddy size vans are good for moving small items around but even a 2 seater small sofa stuck out the back :( I just got it through its MoT so it has 12 months on it. I would like a van that can move sofas and fridgefreezers etc. I'm pretty skint now though so can't afford a new van but I will try and save up for one. Not a clue what I can sell my VW Caddy 1.9SDI for :( Sent from my LT26i using Ford OC mobile app
  18. Thanks for your info, I have been looking at Connects and Transits. I think the Nissan etc would cost a fortune to replace parts and the fuel econamy is a bit of a stinger etc. For a connect is it best to try and get the highest PS modle I can and same with transit T(number) I had a look at Vito and yes they do cost a arm and a leg ha. I imagine replacing parts would cost a lot more than a Ford also.
  19. Ah ok. Handy to know. So are Vitos any good? I'll have a look at them. I don't have a clue about vans as I never thought I would want or need one, I've been in a few transits which the owners say are good but I've never driven one. Since driving I have found out that having the extra carry space is very handy as I've helped move and moved myself using Cars only which is a right pain. I don't really want to spend more than £1.500. I could start off smaller with a connect or something but I don't know how well they hold there value. I would like to do some removals and maybe make a small business out of it and see how it goes.
  20. Thank you all for you help, you have all been a great help and I will carry on looking and taking all your advice with me. One last question is what van can fit a fridge/freezer or sofa in? I ask this because if I need to help move someones fridge/freezer or sofa I can as they are usually the biggest things to move that people struggle with :) Iv never seen in the back of a connect so im unsure if it could fit a fridge/freezer, sofa etc. Thanks again for your help. Extreamly greatful for all your help and info :)
  21. Ok thanks to you both for the info. I will try and find out about the connect vans as i will try and find which one has half decent MPG for a van. If I do get one without reverse sensors is it worth installing aftermarket reverse sensors? I dont know how hard they are to install or how good they will be.. Is there any models I should avoid? Very greatful for your help and fast replys.
  22. The fiesta I have has no service history apart from recipes from everything iv got it since iv had it. The paint work is showing its age but stucktually sound. Had welding done last year and passed with no advisorys. Has a little scabbing on rear wheel arch which I hear is common for fords. Its a good little runner. The fiesta has made me a fan due to how easy and fun they are to drive and reliability plus parts are very cheap. I would like a medium size van for doing some smaller removals and something big enough to sleep in for when im away as b&b's are a fortune. I think I would use it for removing junk from homes mostly though. I would be happy with 500 for the fiesta so if you think I can get that I would be happy with that. It is the version with electric windows and central locking etc. Only fiesta iv seen with it. But then again it is the only mk4 ghia I have seen. so do you both think a Connect is worth investing in? Do you know if the MPG is any good with them? what sort of milage on the clock shall I look for on a £1.500 connect? thanks again for the fast replys.
  23. Fiesta 1.4 2003 Cold Start Help!! :)

    I have this sort of problem when its a cold wet day first time trying to start the car. I found that usi g GT85 or WD40 to spray leads at spark plug end wile connected the night before helps as I think it stops moisture but it is a temporary fix that works once each time. I have leads which I will be replacing very soon. try and spray them the night before and if it starts well or better the next morning at least you have a rought idea where to start. Keep us updated and let us know what the problem is when solved :)
  24. Hello all and thanks for reading, I will make it as quick as posible. I was having a quick look over my car the other day and noticed a hose that leads from the top of the oil cap towards the front of the engine was not plugged in anywhere. I noticed my oil levels have been going a little quicker than usual so i thought i best ask you all. Iv never noticed it before till yesterday. Is this ment to be plugged in somewhere or is it just for breathing? I have attached 2 pictures. Thanks.