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  1. Fiesta Audio Update

    Haha I have I've also tried it with all files and with the English files but still nothing
  2. Fiesta Audio Update

    I attempt to update but nothing happens when I turn the key to position 2. I wanted to update to see if it would fix an issue I'm having with my iphone 5 and spotify. When I try to play music on spotify it just skips through every song until it reaches the end of the playlist.
  3. Fiesta Audio Update

    Hey there I am having difficulty installing the november 2012 ford audio update in my fiesta style and my mums fiesta zetec. I have the usb formatted to FAT32 and have put the files on the root on the stick but when I try to install nothing happens. We both got our cars in september 2012 so it should need updated. I do not have bluetooth but do have a usb could this be a problem. The zetec however does have both bluetooth and usb but still no luck. Any help would be very much appreciated :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums croy :)