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  1. Hello, I introduce my self.. Dan here.. Good morning to you all on this 'miserable day'
  2. Hello, New to Ford owners club (unfortunately not an owner, but working on a friends car) Shes a teacher and needs her car often, but she broke down at the side of m61 yesterday. RAC attended and advised that the struggling and misfire was due to very bad water damage around the spark plugs, I have since today had the top off, cleaned the area, and changed the spark plugs & HT leads for brand new. She is all sparkly now. Now I was with her when we bought the car, the car was pokey, smooth running and no problems 'as such'.. only both before & after the plug change the car is very sluggish.. On start up it takes a good few pumps of the accelerator & turn over before starting, once warm, when stopped at traffic lights for sometime, the car wants a good few revs before picking up (without stalling). When given a good boot, there is no poke like before, its like there is a great loss of power. I had an old Fiesta Mk5 zetec S once that had a similar problem, and turned out to be the fuel pump.. is there a possibility that this is also the case? and if so how much am I looking at for a part.. Ps. I am not a mechanic just (handy, savvy with cars, slightly) lol. Anyway hope you can help.. Dan
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums culturedan :)

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      thank you, look forward to receiving some help :)