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  1. Help Needed Please

    A back street garage bud
  2. Help Needed Please

    We had it on the fault code reader and it showed nothing whatsoever yet we pulled out the garage and the !Removed! thing died. So i think ill try the sensor. Would this also cause a problem with the clocks too or could that just be a bad earth on the stereo?
  3. Help Needed Please

    That would just be for the cutting out bud?
  4. Help Needed Please

    Hi guys wonder if any of you can shed some light on a few issues i have with my focus. We have a 2002 1.8 estate with running issues. Nearly every time she stops the car cuts out, I originally thought she was stalling the car but its doing it when i drive too.Also the speedo works as and when it wants to but when it does the stereo turns up too.Any advice is greatly appreciated as shes doing my head in. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. Hi Guys

    Hi folks I'm Bam from Havant just bought a ford focus estate as a works vehicle for the enemy. Seems like an ok motor few niggly faults but hey its a ford. Looking forward to.picking your brains about my probs in the near future. Regards Bam aka HavantFocus
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums HavantFocus :)