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  1. Full Xenon Headlights Or Just Xenon Bulbs?

    Cheers Bobby. Mine are not projectors but they do have the new day light running lights which i kind of like and wouldn't want to change. Will the xenon bulbs in the existing headlights just look silly or not do the job?
  2. Hi people, Completely new to this site so thought id ask a question. Ive recently bought a 2015 Ford Focus Zetec S. Im looking to have Xenon lights fitted to the front but struggling to find any decent prices/legit places to get it done. What would be the best option for this model, a new set of Xenon headlights or just add some Xenon bulbs to the existing headlights? Which would look the best? Obv getting just the bulls would be the cheapest. Thanks
  3. Replacing The Steering Wheel

    can no one reply?
  4. Replacing The Steering Wheel

    Hi guys. Ive got a 2007 Ford Fiesta Zetec and the steering wheel has worn fair bit and im looking to replace it. I would like to see if i could replace it with the Fiesta ST version of the steering wheel or even a multifunctional steering wheel. Is this even possible? would i need to buy anything just to fit it and how much are we looking here? I cant seem to find it anywhere on ebay, amazon, fordparts?! totally stuck now! Cheers
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums FiestaBlue :)