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  1. HI Just to say I have a 2009 fiesta Titanium 1.6 Diesel 89bhp this is also poor on fuel. I have only covered now 20,000 in the 6 years since purchasing from new,although I only do short journeys normal MPG is in the range of winter 48ish and summer 53ish.Best I have had is 60.1 after a full tank fill up and computer reset on a 30 mile straight run. I feel that I was conned into purchasing a diesel.Tax now only £20 per year. This is the first and only diesel I have owned and it will be my last. Hope this may be of some use to people considering on buying a diesel.
  2. What is avc
  3. I have a 320GB portable hard drive with about 200GB of mp3 music files installed.Does take a time to scroll though. Hard drive cable needs to be short,otherwise not enough power supplied from the usb port.
  4. Hi Possible solution. Does car have aircon. If so does it hesitate when aircon switched on? If the above statements are both "yes",then it is because engine is really underpowered for aircon use. This appears to be normal. If the above statements are "no" then that is my possible solution,maybe someone else will have a better idea.
  5. Hi First of all what size engine? Does it have air con? If has air con does it do it when air con switched on.
  6. Hi Use self adhesive velcro strips.I have used this and it works. Stick the rough velcro to the foot rest then place on carpet ,it grips to carpet. Hope this helps.
  7. You could do a search through this forum,as it has been spoken of before. The answer to the problem was to open the door,remove the large rubber grommet on the inside of the door inline with the mirror black pillar, slacken off nut and move the black pillar in whatever direction as required,then retighten nut. No need to disassemble mirror. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Sounds like the normal gear linkage problem,gear lever is connected to gearbox by cables,these are prone to stretching .If you know a mechanic who will do it cheaply it is corrected by adjusting cables beneath the gear lever under the car. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi The usual culprit is the washer jets on the bonnet.You will need to remove them and put sealant on the base of the jets,or leave jets in place and seal them from underneath.If jets are not sealed, will at some point lead to a possible replacement of spark coil pack and leads and plugs.This is a common fault.
  10. Yes me too.Hit a massive pothole which i could not avoid took out 2x 17 inch rims and 2 tyres.So far cost £500. Will be putting in a clain to the local council.Will let you know how i get on,claim may take months to settle if any.
  11. Agree with alexp999 I have the Titanium 1.6 tdci and will do the same.I think that the old teachings of engine braking does not work anymore,as new cars have had anti stall feature fitted.As stated diesel will kick back at you (kangaroo). Hope this helps.
  12. At what sort of speed are you talking about and also what gears does it happen with?
  13. HI I have a Titanium 2009 on 17 inch wheels and have checked speedo with tom tom sat nav. Speedo appears to be 3mph fast on all speed ranges.Can you tell me where the digital speedo is,as i dont seem to have it.
  14. Air con damp smell .I had this in my Titanium. Remedy tin of Carplan air con conditioner brought from Poundshop. Dont know if Poundshop sell this anymore but may be sold in Halfords or ebay. Hope this helps.
  15. Water pump gasket.Thermostat housing. Water pump will need replacing,this will entail replacing water pump and gasket.if this the case also will need cam belt changing,because water leaks onto cambelt. Also thermostat gasket leaks,this will need new thetmostat gasket and thermostat housing(plastic) These items seem to be a common fault. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,but hope this helps.