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  1. Ah thats gd then :). Ill maybe try and find something to seal it with
  2. what about the gaps either side of the grommet in the last pic is that normal? Plus it can be pulled out very easily :\
  3. outer is 25mm inner is 19mm
  4. From the album Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010

  5. From the album Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010

  6. From the album Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010

  7. I have 2 small gaps. 1 either side of outer grommet ill try post pics
  8. did u take the rubber bit that was in the hole originally out or leave it in? when I put my rubber grommet over the hole it leaves a gap at the top between the grommet and the bottom of the window
  9. where did u get it from?
  10. I tried this yestetday. When I went to put the grommet in tho if I put it against the bodywork theres a gap between there and the glass. if I put it against the glass theres a gap between bodywork and grommet. Has anyone got any close up pics of how theres is done?
  11. Possibly need new clutch? If thats the case change the flywheel aswell
  12. cheers. ill give it a go tomorrow night :)
  13. Ive got a 1.25 zetec. I picked it up last week so not done much as yet. so far ive changed the reading lights and footwell lights to upgraded bulbs, de badged it and im waiting on my team heko wind deflectors getting delivered. I want to upgrade the headlights and sidelights too but removing the headlight became awkward and I gave up lol. all these are really cheap to do. the wind deflectors were £26 odd off ebay and I got 10 white led bulbs for £3.50 from ebay aswell. apart from that I gave the car a good polish today. You can also de wiper it aswell which shouldn't cost much, you just need to buy a replacement grommet which shouldn't be dear.
  14. I want to de wiper my fiesta, I know how to do it but was just wondering how easy the panel in the boot is to remove. I had a quick go at trying to remove it but the edges seemed kind of flimsy and was scared I snapped or damaged it. is there a certain knack to removing it?