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  1. Hi Peeps

    Hi im new to this own forum thing so be patient with me lol I just bought a ford fiesta zetec s tdci on a 57 plate & thought this site would be helpful as I would like to do some subtle modifications in the future. that's it really. im find it quite hard to know whats what and finding my way round the site :( hopefully in time ill get better :) Jay from Birmingham
  2. bought my 1st car today and its the exact same as yours but 57 plate. I came across ur posts by google today at work & thought I need to join this club bcuz of u lol u've inspired me lmao no joke, I think what u've done takes time, effort & dedication and I would like to think I could take a leaf from your book. I like how u keep ur mods subtle & not over the top.. need to stop banging on now.. hopefully if I ever need some guidance u'll be able and willing to help me. but keep up the good work mate. Jay from Birmingham B)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Born_Leader :)

    1. Born_Leader


      Thank you. don't know if im going to be able to use this :/ without being lost most of the time lol ill try tho