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  1. Syn has worked flawlessly for me with a 500gig HD connected. The lack of directional controls on the steering wheel bugs me, but most of the down side is mitigated by the voice control, which (despite being sceptical) I've found incredibly accurate and intuitive. I guess it's a trade-off. The voice control is a lot better for finding music than directional controls, but on those occasions when you need to navigate manually (like searching through a list of albums when you can't remember the name of the one you're looking for), the lack of steering wheel controls is a pain.
  2. Oh, and out of curiosity, how do you not have sync on a new Titanium X?
  3. That would be helpful, thanks. I'm starting to feel that the problem is specific to this car. The MTP thing hadn't occured to me. I'll hook the phone up to the USB port on the way home from work and see if it charges.
  4. Sony Xperia Z Yeah, I've tried the rear socket - same result. I've got a USB port, I've thought about trying it, but the problem is that if I plug the phone into the USB port, Sync will try and index the 64 gig of music that I have on there and build voice commands for it, which I really don't want.
  5. Yes. I've tried it with everything off, with the electrics on, and with the engine running. There's power over the 12V connection, but just not enough to stop the phone discharging. I'd say the drain on the phone was too great, or the 12V adapters weren't providing enough current, but I've ruled those possibilities out as detailed above. I'm stumped.
  6. I've tried three different chargers, including the branded charger specific to the phone. Also, one of the chargers I tested was previously working fine in my last car. While it's possible for a phone to discharge the battery faster than a power outlet can provide charge, that really shouldn't be the case here. Like I said, the phone charges fine over USB (which provides less current than the 12V chargers), and it worked fine in the previous car. With the same stuff running on the phone, I can watch it discharge when plugged into any of the car chargers, then walk over to a PC and plug it into a USB port and watch it start to charge. As far as I can work out, the single point of failure here is the car.
  7. Nothing directly comparable. As I said though, it worked fine in the previous car and charges over PC USB, so the issue doesn't seem to be the phone. My knowledge of electrics isn't great, so I don't know what you mean by "+12v or -12v".
  8. I need a bit of advice please. My phone is constantly discharging when plugged into either 12V socket of my new Focus Mk III. I've tried a variety of chargers and cables (up to 2.1 amps), and in all instances, while the phone correctly reports that it's plugged into an AC power source, it discharges faster than it charges. It charged with no problems in my previous car, and it charges fine even when connected to a USB port on a PC. Any thoughts? It seems to me that the car is limiting the current that the phone can draw, but this would seem odd. Could it be a fault with the car?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums schnoodles :)