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  1. 2005 mk 6.5 Zetec Climate. I've had her for 2 weeks now done 1000 miles filled her up last friday, 478 miles on the trip with 40 miles left in the tank when i put more in today. Average 58 mpg (according to the computer)
  2. 29, feel 1000 but act like I'm 12
  3. Off to Southampton tomorrow 198 miles to cover so I think I'll get as much as I can out of the cheap crap and fill up at a Shell station on the way.
  4. This is why I avoid Asda and Tesco, their fuel has been known to cause problems to your engine. Sainsburys fuel is the same price as the main stations and my old man told me that they get their fuel from BP so put these facts together and made the assumption that it was a quality product.
  5. As my local Shell garage is closed for 28 weeks for refurb I have been using Sainsburys for fuel. I have had my Fiesta 1.4 TCDI for a week now and because of the miles I do and the thumbnails worth of fuel in her when I picked her up, I have put £30 worth in twice now. FIrst was at a new budget station in St Austell and the second at Sainsburys as it is on my way home from work in Truro. The budget garages' fuel (137.7p) was getting me around 58mpg I was impressed and couldn't wait to get to Sainsburys thinking that it was the better fuel (141.9p same price as Texico) and i was very mistaken. After 150 miles I am only getting 50mpg! I know that 8mpg isn't much but my main shock it that a budget station has a better quality fuel that a major supermarket? Has anyone else had come across this or do i chalk this one up to watered down supermarket fuel? Dan
  6. My Fiesta called Florence, Flo for short and my OHs (who also has a Fiesta) is called Fiona or Fi.
  7. Good evening, My name is Dan and I have just bought myself a 2005 55 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI Zetec Climate. I have been after a diesel Fiesta for a few years and thanks to a PPI refund from HSBC I finally bagged myself this beauty. I am still finding my feet with her as I am used to petrol cars and have driven my other half's Fiesta 1.4 TDCI LE on a few occasions Dan
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Doctor_63 :)