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  1. ! Guide ! Mk7 Dash Hidden Storage

    Great idea, thanks !! Going to give it a bash when her indoors gets home. Cheers !
  2. Hello Everyone !

    Hi All, My wife bought a 2009 Diesel Fiesta Style on Friday which she seems to love. She previously owned a petrol 2007 Focus, but needed something a bit more economical hence the change to diesel. The low £20 / yr road tax helps too. Anyhow, I thought I'd join the club as I find these forums very useful, and undoubtedly as time goes on I'll be the one looking for help to solve those niggly little problems ! Going to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at common problems posted in anticipation, and the really useful tips that are generated on these sites! :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Homer2000 :)

    1. Homer2000


      Cheers Steve. Happy days ahead !