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  1. I have usb but no bluetooth anyway of getting it??
  2. Hi mate it is on a 61 plate
  3. Will sony radio just be a straight swap in a mk7 fiesta 1.25 edge? It has factory radio in atm but will sony radio swap over??
  4. Hey guys and gals I am looking to light up the back footwells when doors are open. Is this possible and how much wiring would this involve?? Also were would the feed for the light be?? My car is a 3dr fiesta mk7 61 plate Thanks Love you all
  5. Hi marcr Looking for back box were can i get one? Can you recommend any? Thanks
  6. Hi guys and girls Looking for a new Exhaust for my 1.25 ford fiesta mk7 2012... Don't want massive sound but a bit... Help plz Also anyone wana help with diff mods plz comment :) Thanks in advance :)
  7. Visual mostly a bit performance but only got a 1.25 not much point btw it is in frozen white 3door Thanks
  8. What mods can i do to my mk7 fiesta?? Thanks
  9. I am going to look into this see what to do Thanks
  10. Thanks for the help :)
  11. Hi mate Ye thanks for that the only thing i am wondering is if the loom in the car would match up or not with big screen it would be a big job rewiering. If i do will post pics Thanks
  12. Hi :) i have a ford fiesta Mk7 Edge standard. i want a bigger screen in my stereo head unit, is this even possible?? if this is where can i get one ?? HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  13. hi people long time reader first time poster. i have a ford fiesta edge 1.25 in frozen white, i currently have a few mods: xenon head lights. decals ford stick over badges. looking to see what else i can do to this to make it look good. thanks
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums decbran :)