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  1. Street Ka's Life Span

    Thank you for the comments. Of course the garage sells new cars, they sold me this one and they are straight with me as far as I can tell....... The StreetKa is a fun, girly car and there isn't anything around that's similar. I can see that the day has to dawn when it becomes sentiment versus cost, just hoped others might say that there's lots of life left in a ten year old.
  2. Hi, I've had my Street Ka for 10 years now, from new, and love it. Various things have gone wrong over time, all fixable, but now the garage has warned me that I must expect more frequent problems and should start considering replacing the Street Ka. Have any of you had your Street Ka for as long and do you see 10 years as being 'end of life' for them?
  3. Hello

    Still like to hear from other owners of 10 year old Street Kas to feel I'm not being too optimistic!
  4. Hello

    I've owned a Street Ka since 2003 and I love it. I'm being warned that things will start to age expire and that I should think of replacing the car soonish. This is hard because there's nothing out there like it in my view. I've joined the owners' club looking for reassurance that others are hanging on to their old Street Kas.......
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums JackyH :)