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  1. MK3 Focus - does anybody know what this is for?

    Luke Just looked at my MK3 Focus 2011 Zetec, with Heated screen. ( Not been replaced ) Mine looks the exact same as your pics posted .
  2. Broken Screen / 2006 satnav

    http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/154353-broken-my-lcd-display-on-denso-sat-nav/ Also might be of help ??
  3. Broken Screen / 2006 satnav

    Hi Andy , Guess the 1st port of call is can you find a replacement screen for the satnav ? . I have changed the touch screens on a normal Garmin satnav, Just takes a steady hand and some patience ., But not changed one on a built in device If you can find a replacement screen then I guess its possible, either that or search the breakers yards
  4. Ford Transit Courier Van - My project

    Looking great , Just because its a work van doesn`t mean you can`t do them up. Looking forward to seeing the progress with the colour coding and skirt additions.
  5. How many Fords have you had?

    7 so far . Mk 2, 3 ,4, 5 ,6 Escorts Mk 1.5 ,and current Mk3 Focus Loved them all .
  6. Fantastic looking car , Great photos as well.
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Your shifts sound worse than mine. LOL 3 x 12hr days followed by 3x 12hr nights then 3 days off, half of which are spent sleeping after the set of nights catching up on you .
  8. Back!!!

    Hi Daniel Great looking car , Glad you found what you where looking for and look forward to seeing how this progress after all you did to your Fiesta.
  9. OMG - Water aarrggghh

    Hope this helps
  10. OMG - Water aarrggghh

    Check the " Scuttle " panel especially the passenger side , Water comes in through the pollen filter situated on that side , Had it in my Mk 1 focus
  11. Coming back

    Hi Daniel Yeah remember your name and also your Fiesta , loved what you did with it and Welcome back ,especially to the Focus side .
  12. Ben , Have you thought about maybe filling the area smooth and maybe carbon wrapping the area or another plastic wrapping, A lot of guys do their radio facia and other interior trim , Worth a go .
  13. Hi Ben , Not had it yet , but pretty sure it has been mentioned on here before about the Silver trim cracking and flaking off. Sure it was mentioned then that it wasn`t a part that you could replace.
  14. Rubber nut caps

    Had the rear one pulled of my dads fiesta a few yrs ago by the usual returning from the pub brigade and nothing better to do than pull everyones wipers up . Suspect you have someone playing silly buggers with you.
  15. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    Bitrex is a very bitter chemical they add to make things un drinkable .Else everyone would be drinking screenwash as some contain IPA ( iso propyl alcohol )