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  • Ford Model Ford Focus Mk3 Zetec
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  1. Rubber nut caps

    Had the rear one pulled of my dads fiesta a few yrs ago by the usual returning from the pub brigade and nothing better to do than pull everyones wipers up .Suspect you have someone playing silly buggers with you.
  2. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    Bitrex is a very bitter chemical they add to make things un drinkable .Else everyone would be drinking screenwash as some contain IPA ( iso propyl alcohol )
  3. Fiesta Rs

    MMMmmm Also know the post you guys are on about .
  4. Word Game

    Plant Pot
  5. You gets what you pay for . Have a laugh.
  6. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Jammy B- hugger ,£40 Clive go and arrest him that's too good a deal.
  7. Lights And Lorries

    No offence taken . Not talking about rear fogs as with my ford the front and rears are on separate switches. Std front beams project in front of the car ,just that the fogs give a much wider spread closer to the ground / front of the car good for spotting those pot holes on unlite roads . It`s more to the point why do drivers get pulled over for using the fogs ( again I know should only be used in fog conditions ) yet lorries can apparently drive around with any number of lights on the front of there wagons and lights on inside above there bunks.
  8. Lights And Lorries

    I left her sat there looking bemused ,Well they should be on they`re automatic ? Yeah that maybe the case, but its dark and they are not on and your basically a dark shape on the road from behind . Automatic or not surely you have to move a switch ? What I was getting at is I turn my " Fog lights " on to increase my light at the front and to spot dangers on the road and such and I get pulled over .Yet a lorry can be lite up like a Christmas tree with added lights around the cab and lights on inside over there bunks and yet nothing is said. Just with a lot of councils now having switched streetlights of to save money and the risk of hidden potholes, surely more lights on is safer ?
  9. Lights And Lorries

    Now the dark nights are on us and with the clocks going back the hour last week. Why is it if I put on my lower fog lights ( I know FOG Lights are for Fog only )for a bit of extra illumination and the local traffic officers are around I get stopped, and warned about using fog lights and run the risk of a fine, Yet I`ve seen numerous lorries lite up like a Christmas tree with lights and lights in there cabs of all colours yet nothing is said to them ?. Fair enough I would`nt like a lorry to be just running on side lights as this could be dangerous .But some of them driving along the motorway especially on the opposite carriage way can be a distraction. Opinions anyone ? And I`ve already said I know your lower fog lights should only be used in fog ,but surely every bit of light helps. Oh on that note ,Followed a car on my way to work .No Rear lights at all ,Flashed the driver 3 times no response ,Finally pulled along side it at the lights and got them to drop there window .Told them they had No rear lights and the response was .Well they are automatic and come on by themselves ?. Well its dark and they haven`t .Oh and it was a female driver . Glad I was going in the opposite direction
  10. Wrapping

    Moderators. your assistance is required again on the link .
  11. Just Spent 22k On My First Focus St3

    Skirt and maybe a blouse . Oh are we back on about the Focus .lol Brightened my nightshift up.
  12. Wrapping

    Moderators , Can you remove the link in the photo again to spare some one`s blushes . One of you did in the previous post ,but the link is again live in this post
  13. Recommendations On Wrapping Companies

    Look in the Focus section Dan P or search for Eve,its time for a face lift(mk2.5 focus ) in the mods section Dan has just done his whole mk2.5 focus looks fantastic he should be able to help you and offer advice .
  14. Obd Security 'databloc Ford Protection'

    Guys. Can i say we all do more than just pull the OBD fuse ,As if i`m going to steal an RS or any car for that matter i`m going to do my reasearch and look around an actual car , go on the forums and such, see what security is on them . And everyone has now said they are going to pull the fuse`s so the Toerags are going to bring a self powered coder or such . I don`t want to be logging on and reading of another ford stolen and the owner said well i pulled the fuse and its still gone was stolen . Make it as hard as possibe for them to even think of taking . Considering a length of strong chain passed between both front wheels and secured with a good padlock. Chews the wheels up if they don`t remove it and takes them more time to remove .
  15. Paint Code ?

    Wilky 423 If you put the Vin Number into Ford ETIS it comes back as Moondust Silver ( Metalic)