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  1. Parking Sensors

    Thank you so much for your help here! A new switch and all works great again! :-) Karen
  2. Parking Sensors

    I've just been and checked, the reverse light does not come on - it only comes on for a brief moment when I pull the gear stick back a little further...
  3. Parking Sensors

    Hi all Don't know if anyone can help here but my parking sensors have stopped working. When I select reverse there is no 'beep' unless I actually pull the gear stick back a little further...but still the sensors don't work! Is it likely to be a lose wire somewhere or expensive to get fixed?? I have a 2.0ltr Ghia 2003 if that helps! Kaz
  4. Hi, I have a focus 2.0L Ghia 03 plate. Just lately the traction control light comes on by itself and then I lose all the dashboard display - the trip meter and milometer LED display goes to ------, the spedo, rev, fuel and oil needles all drop to 0. I've just rang the local Ford garage and been told to take it in so they can diagnose the problem for £94!! Which to be honest I can't really afford.... I can't seem to find anything about this so was wondering if anyone here could help? I have just had an MOT and 4 new tyres - perhaps something was 'knocked' during this??? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you!!