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  1. what do I look out for in the engine bay ... I took it to the garage and they say to me it "could" be the gear selector switch and cost me around £300 to replace. What cables are in the engine bay? Really would appreciate your help. Thanks
  2. any luck on pictures James? What am I looking for?
  3. Which D-panel do I take off? ... Left or Right? What do I look out for? I would be really grateful if u could upload a pic. Many thanks
  4. whats the (D?)? :S Do you mean I should take off both my light clusters? I am not really good with chasing wires ... do you have a picture where the earth point is? Many Thanks
  5. Hiya People, I have an Automatic Ford C-MAX 1.6 TDCI (56 plate) and for some reason my reverse lights and parking aid do not turn on when the gear is engaged to reverse. I have checked the fuses and bulbs and they seem to be okay. Just to make sure, is the fuse for the reverse lights No.84? Also, the automatic gearboxes ... do they have a reverse light switch? Thanks in advance
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums mj786 :)

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