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  1. Mine is stil fine after 9000km. Now he is shifting even better with 130bhp
  2. Mine is fine. No issues at all. Only 1450 KM on the clock ;)
  3. Fiesta Lead Time

    The build date of mine is 19-08 (mine is build in Spain). It is a shame that there is no actual tracking. Even the dealer doesn't always know where the car is :(
  4. Fiesta Lead Time

    Ordered mine on 28-06. Still no car at the dealership. So i think that 16 weeks is normal.
  5. Mail from Superchips that the remap and bluefin for the "facelift" Euro 6 Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 100 Powershift are available.
  6. Footwell Lights? In stock ;)
  8. Just go flat out when you can ;) Send from my iPhone 5s
  9. Me? 1.0 ecoboost 100hp latest bluefin remap. Hp with Bluefin remap? Dont know and i really dont care. Send from my iPhone 5s
  10. it's really weird, but I have no problems with it and I also have cruisecontrol and 125PS mapping from bluefin. Send from my iPhone 5s
  11. Big advantage of bluefin is that you can put the standaard mapping on the car when he is out for service. Send from my iPhone 5s
  12. one liter less per 100km difference from 7.1-7.6 to 6.1-6.5 liter at the same speed.Send from my iPhone 5s
  13. Yes, got the 125ps mapping on my 100ps and its great. No cruise control issues Send from my iPhone 5s
  14. I now have the 125ps mapping from bluefin on my 100ps. Works like charm! No cruisecontrol issues, no lag. Just a fast car now ;) Send from my iPhone 5s