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  1. Mines in the boot with the rest of the puncture repair gear, under the carpet in the spare wheel well.
  2. On the back of the head unit is a connection for a cd player, however you can buy an adapter fro it which gives a usb input, much more convenient than a cd player. I think a company called "connects2" makes them.
  3. Just had a look at this fascia then went to the makers website (Celsus) and it states "not suitable for UK Fiestas" so will have to wait for something else to come along if you want to change them.
  4. The windows will go down because of the safety sensor, your only recourse is to position them then push them in manually, with a fair bit of pressure. I had to do the same on an XR2i I used to run.
  5. I would really have a go at them via their head office, I am 72 and was offered a car or a pickup by my local Ford dealer.
  6. Mines just come back from its first full service and they said they fixed the recall (brake hose) but also did an audio update and a power control unit update what these updates do I haven't a clue, can't be bothered to go out in this weather,
  7. Pompey seems to be awash with squeeze
  8. Go to "" there are quite a few guides on there. If you know the model of the head unit and just want usb then try "connects2. they have a few adaptors there.
  9. Hey, what about Grandads. Titanium full kit.......72
  10. :rolleyes:PFI = Port Fuel Injected, engineers fancy name for fuel injection.
  11. The first track is on the inner edge and the disc spins at 500 rpm and a speed controller gradually slows the disc to 200 rpm as it reaches the final tracks towards the outer edge so it ensures that the tracks are read at the correct speed and the music plays correctly,
  12. I live in a very hard water area and I have been using rainwater from my garden waterbutt for a long time now, I use a pair of the OH tights as a filter and as rainwater is very soft I get no watermarks whatsoever and any shampoo thats used really foams up. If you have a waterbutt give it a try its free. :P
  13. I think you are doing your Ugandan friend a disservice, its not the decoder that is causing the skipping but the way the file is read, I used to put about 7 hours of mp3 on cd and about 6 hours in it would start to skip, at that timing we are getting to the outer edge of the cd so it is most likely the way the laser reader is behaving being as the "track" is that much narrower. With a usb being solid state then it shouldn't skip when playing and I am pretty sure nobody has experienced this, I could be wrong though.
  14. I called in at my local dealer about mp3 skipping and he said if I bring the car in they would plug it into their system and it would identify whether it needed a software update and it would allow them to download it and install it, it would appear it is "car specific" depending on what you had pre-installed. Whilst I was mooching round I looked in the spares dept and the guy there showed me the schematics of the head unit and there is indeed a plug in cable from the head unit to a usb socket and a 3.5mm socket they are all separate items and total cost is around £30 plus vat. All we need now is for someone to give it a try.....
  15. Did you get anymore info on fitting the usb, lots of us would be interested in the outcome.