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  1. Durashift Issues

    Thank you all for your answers - I have checked all the wires and checked the actuator - all good - it seems like the damp gets to it so I have re-taped all the wires and plugs - It's bee dry and the car drove great yesterday & today. It will rain tomorrow, so will see if that affects it again - I will update you as soon as I know. Thanks again ...
  2. Durashift Issues

    Wase 1611, Thank you so much for this help ... I have printed off both solutions and will attempt them ASAP - It seems that the second solution is the issue - Will update you when done! Thank You!
  3. Durashift Issues

    Hello All, Just purchased a 2003 Ford Fusion 2 Durashift EST (semi-automatic) 1.4 It has just over 20,000 miles on it. Driven by an older couple - thought I got a great deal. Drove it around - felt great - a bit slow on the shift change compared to a manual, but it felt fine. Drove it home from Plymouth to Torpoint - no problems. Next day - my wife drove it about 100 yards and it died! Just wouldn't move. Engine would not even turn - EAC Fail came up on dash. Checked and the battery was dead - completely - and is seemed to be leaking. Replaced the battery with a brand new one and it seemed fine for a couple of days. What's been happening in the meantime 2 times out of 5 in the mornings is that the car will start, but when I drive it for about 100 yards, it starts to stall & lurch - and the Transmission Warning light comes on - the Automatic disappears and it just does not rev up any more - I put it into manual mode and the transmission warning light disappears - then it appears again. I stop the car - tried to start it again and it would not start - no turning etc. Wait a few minutes - start it again and it's fine - no error, no warning light. Not sure if this means anything - but it only happens in the morning, especially after rain. Took it to my mechanic and he ran a diagnostic - no errors, no issues came up! He said the best thing is to start the car and wait a minute or 2 before taking off - Is it an electrical problem (EAC?) / Is it affected by moisture? Please, please help! Thank You! Ihab Thank You
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums topperking99 :)