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  1. Broken Clutch Return Spring

    Thanks for the quick reply, the mechanics are saying that they can't figure out how or where the yellow spring goes, a few forums i have gone through have instructions on fitting the silver spring (with the 5p coin trick) but this is the only one forum talking about the yellow plastic spring, this makes me think, maybe most ford focuses have the silver spring installed and a very few have this yellow plastic one installed instead of the silver spring, when you buy the part from main dealers both springs come in a pack. What do you think, and i cant find any picture which shows me how or where the yellow plastic spring goes but there are lots if diagrams showing where the other silver spring goes Is it possible to fit the spring without removing all the plastic panels and the peddel.
  2. Broken Clutch Return Spring

    Hi, i have the same issue with my focus. The yellow plastic clip/spring fell off a few weeks ago and i cnt seem to fit it in, been driving around & the pedal seems ok. A few mechanics who have looked at it are saying they cant do it, and the ones that can want over £90, they are saying its a long job as you have to remove everything to get to the pedal
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums zee333 :)