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  1. ahhh! I didn't think of that!
  2. WOW! Totally forgot the panther can look so good! :o My one used to look like that until the winter ruined it :(
  3. Makes me wonder what exactly is wrong with these part worns, and why the previous owners changed them. All seems a bit odd? Unless if they were from a write off, in which case you wouldn't want to touch them.... I dont get why people are binning perfectly good tyres, maybe i'm missing something here?
  4. I am also running IE8. It shows the forum 100% correct for me, maybe your settings need changing?
  5. I agree with most of what you said Dan. Although the fact is that there is no lock on the Mk7, also, there was no lock, and there probably will never be any lock. However, if Ford do change the spec for this, at that point there will be a lock, but until that time there is still no lock. No matter what people vote in the above poll. GL ALL! :)
  6. There are some other makes, but dubmeister seems to be the best. I am also thinking of getting some from there.
  7. Very nice. Where are you going to get your pressed metal plates from?
  8. Shut up :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Jet wash the engine bay? With the engine running?
  10. Browse the topics in this forum with Mountune in the title. Some members have the upgrade and have given it a review themselves
  11. It seems to me like the obvious thing to do would be to click where it says "click here to stop filtering posts based on reputation". Have you tried this?
  12. I dont think that theres a full review of it What exactly are you after?
  13. Yeah on the old boards once you accessed the forums through google it permanently changed the settings to linear, it doesn't go back on its own. Fiesta Lad you need to change your setings back to standard
  14. Yeah this is true, but most garages include a filter in their standard service anyway, maybe they would give a discount but I doubt it
  15. the new style forum is the BEST EVER