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  1. Mk4 Fiesta

    Hi there i've got a mk 4 fiesta and just wondering if anyone knows any good website to order parts and accessories from cheers stu
  2. Mk4 Fiesta Shopping

    Hi all i'm reasonably new to this site but was just wondering if anyone new any good sites to but fiesta mk4 part and accessories from cause atm im living of ebay and amazon and their selection getting pretty slim essential i am after: 1. body kit 2. suspension 3. interior styling 4. engine parts thanks in advance and hope to here some responses soon stu
  3. Hi Everyone

    cheers lenny for the info just one problem it got 14"s on it and can't be lowered without rolling arches which i want to avoid as possible
  4. Hi Everyone

    Thank you any hints and tips???
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone I bought my little 99 fiesta as a hobby all be it a drive able one and now things have started going wrong in the masses. There a knocking from the back which some one has suggested it could be the rear axle bush, the front passenger side drop link has come off and the suspension has gone really floppy. if anyone knows of a really good website were it is easy to find parts for a cheap price would really appreciate it and if anyone could give me some advice on modifying it i would be really grateful. nothing too boy racer but I've come to the stage now where i want to drive a nice car and the fiesta is good because it still has the low insurance and the high mpg for it's year. thanks, stu.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Stuart Eddleston :)