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  1. 6000 Cd Player Producing No Sound?

    Also, I have the letters 'AST' being displayed permanently while the radio is on. Noticed it's an autostore control, but not sure whether this is normal to be on permanently.
  2. Hey there everyone :) I just recently bought a 2006 Fiesta ST which I love but I'm trying to sort out the CD player. I bought it with a broken CD player (the 6006 model) which had a CDC error. I tried getting it fixed to no avail. So I bought a 6000 model off eBay. I plugged it in today, entered the code and everything seemed fine, other than the fact there is no sound at all. Every single button works but for what ever reason there is no sound. FYI, the sound was working perfectly in the 6006 model, it was the CD player functionality that didn't work. I tried re-plugging the stereo a few times and played around with it but nothing got it working. So does anyone have any suggestions before I send the CD player back for a refund? Thanks in advance, Tom
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums TJBaldy :)