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  1. P100 Feul guage

    Hi all I can't find a thread on this , so apologies if it's been covered before I have a 1990 1800 T D P100 & the fuel guage doesn't work. It just floats up & down as it sees fit with no relevance to how much fuel is in the tank ! I realise this is a very common fault as most of the ones on Ebay seem to have the same fault. I am assuming its probably the sender unit at fault ? but would appreciate anymore info
  2. Hi All I'm new to this forum , so apologies if this subject has been covered previously. My other half has an old N reg 1400 CVH fiesta Ghia. From the message i've got from her last night it sounds like the teeth have stripped off the cambelt ,(I can't check myself ;til the weekend as we live 100 miles apart ! ) What i need to know is , is this engine classed as an interferance engine in this situation , IE is it likely to have bent all the valves ? ( She was driving at the time & it just stopped & now turns over with no compression.) I realise it's not really worth fixing ..... but she likes the car ! LOL