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  1. Can I Merge My Accounts Together

    As you can now see this has been sorted :)
  2. Can't Post In Technical Section

    This should be working now guys - let me know if it's sorted for you.
  3. Michelin have kindly agreed to be available to answer all your questions on tyres. "Ask the Expert" will run for the month of October 2015. Ford Owners Club are pleased to announce that we have managed to acquire the services of Jamie McWhir, Michelin UK Technical Manager, for our "Ask The Expert" thread on tyres. So if it's a question on tyre pressures, tyre choice, tyre ratings, tyre wear, mixing tyres, brands, Super sports, Cup 2's, Primacy 3's, Pilot Sport 3's, Cross Climates, Energy Savers or just about anything and everything tyre related then please ask away in this thread ... :) Questions will be answered by Jamie McWhir, Michelin UK Technical Manager "Ask the Expert" begins on Thursday 1st October
  4. Xenon Headlights Europe Adjustment

    Yes that's correct it's just for temporary use. If you move to an LHD market and take your car with you then you need new headlights.
  5. Xenon Headlights Europe Adjustment

    On my old MK2 Facelift with xenons they used to have a little lever inside the headlight to adjust this. You did have to take out the headlight but that was only 1 screw and 2 clips. I used to do it in the car park whilst waiting for the Eurotunnel. I assume this is not still the case with the MK3/3.5 then?
  6. Hello

    Hi John welcome :)
  7. Break Disc And Pads Replacement

    £177 from a main dealer is pretty reasonably IMO. Could be done a bit cheaper yourself but depends if you want to get your hands dirty etc.
  8. Nextbase 512g Review

    New model with Sony Exmor sensor and polarising lens filter:
  9. Nextbase Duo Review

    For those interested in the Nextbase DUO, I've just completed my review of this here: I will be uploading my review of the new 512G soon too :)
  10. Thanks for taking part in the survey. The survey is for 2015 and we have quite a lot of data to sift through with so many UK Ford dealers, but we're hoping to release the results by the end of the year :)
  11. Nextbase 402g Dash Cam Review

    For those of you with an interest in dash cams, I've recently reviewed the Nextbase 402G here: I will also be reviewing the new 512G and Duo units soon.
  12. 2015 Ford Focus St Review

    Not imminently unfortunately, but I wouldn't rule it out in the future. Having said that, I could easily be swayed into a MK2 RS and keeping it for many years also... B)
  13. 2015 Ford Focus St Review

    Definitely not necessary... but a nice touch of luxury none the less! ;)
  14. 2015 Ford Focus St Review

    It was quite a warm day and I'm not going to lie I did get a very slightly sweaty back for a little bit until the air con cooled me down but not to the point that it bothered me. It's a shame Ford didn't offer ventilated seats too as that is always a nice feature although they would have had to go with perforated leather to achieve that. The seats are fairly heavily bolstered and quite solid but I'm sure you're aware of that. Personally I did like them and find them comfortable but I encountered a couple of people who thought that the bolstering was too much. I think this party depends on your size/shape but also on what you are used to.
  15. 2015 Ford Focus St Review

    Thanks Gez :) Yep the door protectors are a pretty cool feature for only £85.