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  1. Photography The Day Job

    Thanks I surprised myself when i saw this was straight out of camera. very little editing involved in all of them tbh..this was it from the camera, as you can see minimal editing, its all about getting it right there and then.
  2. Photography The Day Job

    some images of my starter project MK7 and my mates focus ST, taken by me as part of my day job photography.
  3. Photography The Day Job

    Some moody images of my mates ST taken by me as my day job
  4. Asian Grill

    fitted now came off easy enough
  5. To Wind Deflector Or Not...

    i like em, look fine on my 3door.
  6. Asian Grill

    all done, just need to fit it, tomorrow. looks shinier in person
  7. Asian Grill

    3 coats and colour match looks good, might add one more, then clear coat......
  8. Asian Grill

    So my Polish-Asian grill arrived yesterday. 2 am last night couldn't sleep so ive sanded down and primed the inserts... bloke in halfords said that my green is a pain and needs quite a few coats to match up, anyone confirm this???? how many coats did you have to do??
  9. Asian Grill

    oo thats handy id asked on another thread if these came out or not, def will make life easier, just need to look for some DLR's to fit.......
  10. hi guys,, How easy is it to colour code the bits each side, do they remove or is it a case of masking up? thanks Kev
  11. added this to my mk1 focus a while back now, becomes second nature after a while......great guide and i may add this to my mk7
  12. Looking For A Bike Rack

    hey guys, been looking for a bike rack but some say not suitable for cars with a spoiler, what do you guys have? not looking to spend loads as its not a reg thing taking the bike out, but dont want the grief of putting it in the back. cheers Kev
  13. must be the heat, same prob with my one touch up on drivers side today, knew of this fix already will go fix it later....
  14. Led's Are Flashing!!

    yep thats mine :)
  15. Led's Are Flashing!!

    i do find it odd that its only the pass sides doing it, however i cant swap them to test them as once they start doing it, they continue to do it on my tester rig.......its like the pass side is corrupting them, they were all tested before hand.