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  1. I ordered a focus titanium x in August and was told by the dealer that at that time no new focuses were being built and that build of, I think, the 16.75 year model will start on the 16 Sept and will include Sync 3. I expect delivery in Nov.
  2. I think the lights sensor is one of the 'lumps' behind the rear view mirror. My auto lights seems to work OK but they do come on earlier than they used to on my 2008 Focus so I guess in this weather they may appear to be on all the time. I agree about the xenon lights. I had them on my previous focus and missed them. Rather than go for a retro fit (too expsensive and apparently not compatible with the Ford warranty) I had some Philips x-treme vision bulds fitted by my dealer and I think they are very good.
  3. It gets worse - you've reminded me about the warning for going over the sped limit - I have mine set to +5mph, tried it tonight 55-60 on a 50mph open road and got nothing. Does the sign flash or something, the manual doesn't seem to specify what happens? Thanks Ian
  4. Thanks, I'd be very grateful if you could let me know. My problem is that when I did my test drive the car had Sony sat nav and used sat nav data to show the speed limit of the road on the sat nav map, I though this would be very useful so I ordered the sat nav and also the Driver Assistance Pack which contains the Traffic Sign Recognition. Showing the speed limit on the sat nav map from sat nav data is a menu option, although I'm not clear why anybody wouldn't want it. As you say the traffic sign display is only a display but unknown to me, and apparently the dealer, when the Traffic Sign Recognition option is installed the option to show the road speed limit on the sat nav screen from sat nav data is removed by Ford. As you will have seen the Traffic Sign display is transient but from what I can see the sign is never displayed for more than 0.7 miles after it was recognized so in terms of speed limit information overall I'm left with less functionality than a cheap TomTom!
  5. I've checked mine in the dark and it all works as expected. I can hear a click as the main beam comes on, presumably a relay somewhere but that might help you track down what's happening. Also whilst we have a group of titanium owners together, anyone got the Traffic Sign Recognition? I'm having some strange experiences with mine - 60/70 mph signs are displayed for only 4 seconds and sometimes when I turn at a junction having just passed a 30 sign the displayed sign clears although it hasn't been on for the usual distance and I'm still in a 30 limit.
  6. Hi Elevonic I have a 2013 Focus Titanium with the auto headlamp dipping. I've just checked and with the auto dipping on and lights set to auto the main beam does flash. I try it again when its dark and report back! Ian
  7. Thanks for the information. Ford Customer Service Centre are going to ring me next week and if anything of interest comes out of that discussion I'll post it.
  8. Hi, I've recently taken delivery of a new Focus with Sony Sat Nav and the Driver Assist Pack (amongst others - I'm addicted to techo toys!). After discussions with Ford and with my dealer today it appears that because I have the Traffic Sign Recognition system I don't get the speed of the road I'm on displayed on the sat nav map, which is a bit disappointing as I think this is really useful. The Ford logic appears to be that I should use the Traffic Sign Recognition system but I'm finding the output from that a bit bizarre and I wondered if anyone could advise me whether the functionality I'm getting is usual or perhaps mine might be faulty. It has 'found' 90 mph speed limit signs in an urban area and told me there was a no overtaking sign on a 4 lane motorway but I accept that this is developing technology and these things will crop up! What has me vexed is the number of times it misses speed limit signs and when it has detected them the time they're displayed for. There seems to be no consistency in the display time sometimes they are on for several minutes and others gone in a couple of seconds - I thought I had it figured that once the car turned at a junction the display cleared but then next junction I went round it stayed on! Also sometimes it just seems to have shutdown and not be looking and then after missing several signs it suddenly comes to life and picks up the next one. I'm at a loss as to whether this erratic behavior is normal or indicates a problem - all information gratefully received. Many thanks Ian
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums IanJ37 :)