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  1. I managed to get the thing out, and basically is was down to brute force and ignorance. I have managed to correct the issue with it. Basically, there is a small catch on the inside. On my stereo, the catch was bend around and hence the tool was not catching it. I have attached an image of the catch.
  2. Thanks for the swift reply Jay. I will give it a try and let the thread know for closure :)
  3. Hi, I managed to get a long slim spoon in , which went in to approximately 3x the length of the key. Unfortunately, I was unable to feel anything and tried wiggling from left to right, but to no avail. Can any of the panels be removed to reveal the catches?
  4. Hi, I have purchased the removal tools, however they only work on 3 of the slots. The 4th one just wiggles about and I am unable to remove the double din head unit due to this. Does anyone know how else to remove the unit?
  5. I have 3 of the 4 inserted correctly, but the 4th just won't attach anything, it just slides about inside the hole. I am unable to remove it using the tools for this reason. Any clue on how to remove it with an issue like this?