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  1. Happy Birthday STrend!

  2. Hi everyone ... I wanna share with you my last project ... I'm not so sure about the word but the dictionary says 'shock absorber or dashpot or damper' ... I don't know which one is true so i'm gonna use damper for now :) In ford service ve added dampers to the hood so now it kinda opens and closes itselves ... Anyway here is the pics and the video .... They probably explain this better than me :) And here is the video ... :)
  3. Hello Everyone

    Thanks a lot :)
  4. Hello Everyone

    Thats a great new sometimes my english can make the conversations difficult but i hope i will solve this in here :)
  5. Hello Everyone

    Thank you so much Paul , i'm glad to be a member of here :)
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hi again everyone :) My name is İrem and i'm living in Turkey . My first car was a Fiesta MK7 2011 . I modified it and it was look like a mix of Focus RS and Fiesta ... Now i have a Focus F2.5 2010 1.6 TDCI ... But i wanna have a ST or a RS but in here thats not easy :( Anyway finally thats a pic of my handsome boy ... Hope you'll like him :)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums STrend :)