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  1. What he said! ^^^^^^^^^ +1
  2. Had my DPF removed and engine remapped and I can wholeheartedly recommend it! More power when you need it and economy is fantastic. Was getting around 42 MPG but now I'm nudging 62 MPG. Had my first MOT done this weekend with the DPF out and it sailed through it except a bald front trye but emissions test passed with flying colours! Very happy I had it done! :)
  3. Hi guys. Can someone tell me the symptoms of retarded or advanced timing? I think I'm suffering with retarded timing as any load on the engine, however small results in really loud diesel clatter. People are turning around in the street as I drive past it's that noisy! :( Car starts fine and runs ok but have just had it mapped two months ago and I'm certain it's since then that it has started! Can anyone advise on this please? Mike.
  4. Yeah sure. Throw a batch of different sizes together and give me a price mate...... :-)
  5. Have never looked at the passenger fusebox jeebo. Are there usually spares in there or am I gonna have to buy a set?
  6. Hmmmm. If that's the case then why does my OBD reader not get power from the port? My mate at Halfrauds plugged his Snap-on reader in and it worked fine. Is that because the professional readers have their own power source?
  7. Morning... I just wondered if the OBD port is powered by a fuse? My OBD2 reader which has always worked will no longer connect to the port. There are 3 lights which usually come on once it is attached, specifically the green one which tells you there is power there but it no longer illuminates. I bought another identical reader with them being so cheap but it gives the same result, no power to reader? Is there a fuse and if so, where would it be located? Thanks guys. Mike.
  8. Sorted it..... Made sure everything was nice and tight, went for a "spirited" drive then gave everything another turn to ensure tightness when at operating temperature. Mike.
  9. Hi guys. I discovered a large split in my induction hose last week. :-( Anyway, my new (genuine Ford) hose has arrived and I just wondered if there is anything I should be aware of before fitting it. There looks to be a plastic cylinder which seems to have to twist into position at the turbo side?? Any tips guys or will this be very straightforward. Thanks, Mike.
  10. Hi mixmaster. I'm away week after next so can't get it down there any time soon but he has assured me it will not develop any further and is just a "counter" he must've forgotten to map out. Apparently, this error code comes on if a pre-set amount of failed regens occur. I'm not best pleased because it's a 200 mile round trip but at least it hasnt broken my car. Just found a large split in my induction hose too (jubillee clip on the turbo side way overtightened) so that's me £50 lighter for a replacement. It seems that that nice turbo whistle/whoosh I've been getting when coming off boost the last 6 months isn't a good noise! LOL
  11. My take on this is that he got out for a walk to shake out the DPF soot from his trouser leg a-la shawshank redemption but got mobbed as he tried to make a getaway! Sneaky pope...
  12. Very good....... Will commit that to memory. :-)
  13. As far as DPF removal is concerned, I know an MOT tester and if worst comes to worst.... It was like that when I bought it! You obviously wouldn't get away with that if you owned it from new!
  14. You will see significant gains after a good remap & DPF removal mate. I used to get around 42 MPG mix of motorway and town. Now I get 60MPG + :-)
  15. You're not wrong mate! :-( Will update when I know more pal. Mike.