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  1. Thanks for your reply. They sorted it out in the end.... Didn't admit fault but did it for free [emoji23]
  2. Thanks for your replies... will have a closer look at the lines into that area. As I had the clutch done at about 103k miles would the concentric slave cylinder have been replaced as a standard practice along with the clutch? As I've also probably got a main rear seal leak on the oil side it may be "ok" having it sorted as the gearbox would have to come out for that too.
  3. Hey, quick question... Having slow fluid loss from brake fluid reservoir. Have checked all brake lines etc and have found staining on the behlhousing near the clutch. This looks to be on the gearbox side of the transmission, but it's def not gearbox fluid. As the brake/clutch fluid is shared is it possible that the clutch could be leaking it, and if so is it a seal gone or something more serious. TIA.
  4. I'm more concerned that there might not be a proper seal past the filter?
  5. I noticed it before I drove away and got them to have a look, but the tech that worked on the vehicle had already left. They're contacting me tomorrow.
  6. Help! Ford dealer has broken my air intake box when replacing filter.... Is it safe to drive (they didn't even say)?
  7. Out of interest does this section get removed when a clutch is replaced?
  8. Hey, if it helps from this pic the bolthead side is on the oil pan side, the side where the drip is coming from is on the next section.
  9. Hey, Car has been drinking oil for past 6 months or so. Checked it wasn't burning it. Finally got round for the UV dye test... After a 20min drive can clearly see where the leak is coming from (see attached pics). A bit of a relief as thought it was coming from much higher from the top of the engine or PVC pipes or oil filter, but that must be black road gunk all above. Is this a oil pan gasket leak? How fixable are these on a MK2 Petrol... A pain? Thanks.
  10. Hey, quick Q, is this a petrol? If so is it a 1.6l? Could be a tivct timing issue if yes to any of the above.
  11. Hi @simcor - thanks for Googling for me. I did try do that - but my settings on my phone must have been set to UK or english only results as I got nothing. Doing it now from laptop getting the same results as you. Did indeed think it was an a/c related pipe. Myself and @Markb55 now have the same issue.... can't actually see where it should connect to fulfil it's draining function. Any replies appreciated - esp ones where someones had a look at their MK2 with A/C around the firewall/back of the engine.
  12. Hey - whilst cleaning near a leaking brake fluid reservoir I realised that a hose was present that was clipped in place (not to do with the brake system) but not connected to anything! Couldn't find any places where it would have been attached to. Looked up the product code on the hose - but could't find any matches. Any detective work appreciated - pics attached.
  13. Hey, A funny one this... been getting low MPGs at the moment... have been doing more city driving then before but dropping to 22.9 seems really low! Reset the ECU and after a successful mixed drive resulting in 38mpg it's been dropping ever since. No EMLs, checked VCT system all ok, all up to date and serviced well. Was possibly thinking coil pack and HT leads as last replaced around 70k (now on 144k). Any thoughts?
  14. Hey, Google carters ford Sheffield and you can use the form there.
  15. Hey - Have done a quick trawl of the forums but couldn't find a definite answer: Can those who have a Ti-VCT1.6 petrol MK2 Ford Focus possibly let me know what amperage your alternator is? Location would be on the alternator sticker, or for those techie a variable set in the ECU which can be read by ELMConfig. Trying to check I've had the right amperage one put in. Thanks!