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  1. Thanks would there be a problem if he doesn't have the ecu for it
  2. Fantastic thanks I think that's going to be the best bet just to replace the whole block if they are the same :)
  3. Thanks, I've found complete engine but the engine code is hxda rather than hxdb would this cause many problems or would I just need the ecu as well
  4. Thanks, some1 i rang about a spare said that they used chemical metal to repair the hole and the car is still running, not sure weather to do that as a short term fix til I locate one as the car won't be used very much, would any one know the torque setting for the Conrod ends please, thanks for all the info and help
  5. Hi thanks I've stripped the oil pump that's all fine I have found a crack in the bottom end of the block where the oil chamber runs through, so I'm after a bottom end if anyone knows of one engine code hxdb thanks
  6. Thanks for the quick replies I will be stripping it down today
  7. Hi all, I've just brought a 1.6 2006 focus ti vct that sucked in water I've rebuilt the engine and starts fine, however I have the oil light on the dash I have checked the oil pressure switch that's working fine. Ive also replaced the filter twice and flushed it out, Is there anyway of checking the oil pump with out stripping it out ? Thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Clarky82 :)