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  1. Where do you buy the steering wheel badge? Mine is wrecked :-(
  2. P.s. it is taller than the standard knob, so that's something to consider if you find the current one comfortable with the arm rest etc.
  3. There is a socket behind the trim pannel by the drivers left leg. Its the same socket that is used for electronic pedal adjustment (on the one car in the UK that must have it!)
  4. Ha thanks. I wasn't being funny by the way, I was just saying thanks to those who took the time to read the thread but were unable to help. :-D
  5. Well if you guys don't know then there's no hope for me! I'll just have to get Ford to do it. Thanks anyway
  6. Hi, My drivers door central locking button is broken, it's in a sort of stuck in the middle position as you can hopefully see in this picture.. The central locking system is working fine, I just can't use this button which is a bit annoying. When it was at Ford's for its last service I mentioned it and they suggested that it was probably a "broken rod" and would need a 2 hour job to fix plus parts as it means stripping the door down. I've started to get bits together to retrofit powerfold mirrors, so I'm thinking I might try and fix this issue while I've got the door cards off. Does anyone know what a door rod is? What it looks like? Part number etc? Is it likely to be difficult? Basically I don't have a clue what's going on here so if you can offer any help it would be appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hi Troy, Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I've got the LED clusters too and it annoys me that the brakes are not LED. The number on the bulbs is PR21W 12v, I can't find these either. Will a single filament P21W fit? If not does anyone know if we can we change the bulb holders for P21w or will that not work? Is it difficult? Cheers
  8. OK, thanks!
  9. Thanks, do you have a part number for the clips by any chance?
  10. I actually just logged on to ask about front door cards! Any chance you could post those up? Gurcayy, were the fronts hard?
  11. Hi, Yes I fitted a second 12v socket behind the dash and then used a dual USB cigarette charger to run one to the top storage unit for satnav and one pops out just by the passenger heated seat switch for my phone cradle. Its all quite easy using the 12v socket at the bottom of the console, radio comes out easily, plastic fascia feels like it will break but it wont , just go easy. Its so much more convenient .
  12. Thanks for the replies. It happened again this morning but nowhere near as bad as the other day. I didn't realise it was such a routine thing, Ive never had it before, but this is my first winter with the Focus, and it has been a wet one! I wonder when manufacturers will finally ditch rear drums for discs.
  13. Hi Guys, Happy new year to you all! I don't have a drive or a garage so I have to park my focus on the road. The road in question is a small hill and I park facing down the hill. Over Christmas we've had lots and lots of rain and I've noticed a slight popping from the rear brakes (drums) as I'm pulling away after the car has been parked over night. This morning the rear passenger side was really stuck on, after a few tries at pulling forward, I managed to pop it off in reverse, but it took some doing and did not feel good! I had an essential journey to make so after reassuring myself with a few emergency brake tests I was on my way. So a few questions then, why are my rears sticking all of a sudden? Is it anything to do with the rain and being parked on a hill? Do I need to get it to a garage? (Service and first MOT due Feb). What do I do if it happens again, presumably just revving until it comes off really isn't healthy. When I had my fiesta it was laid up for a few months and both rear drums siezed on, I called the RAC and he just got underneath and beat them with a club hammer....scientific! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. I have a mk2.5 with keyless entry and it looks the same as the picture above. You don't insert the whole fob for mine you just hold it against it and start the car. The handbook does list two types though, one you just hold the fob against the cover and the other involves inserting the whole fob as Preee says.