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  1. Reliability

    Have a 2013 ecoboost which I bought new had a problem last year when the car wouldn't always start , turned out to be a relay, fixed under warranty had no problems since
  2. Proud Of My Little Car

    Having just returned from holiday on the south coast my trip recorded 60mpg that was with four adults and a boot FULL of luggage and at motorway speeds 10L ecoboost petrol
  3. 2015 Budget

    It wont be spent on the road network until 2020/21, might have a new government by then who could change it
  4. 2015 Budget

    So from 2017 unless you own a zero emissions car its gonna cost 140 a year to tax our cars.
  5. Beware!! *lighthearted*

    Spend your windfall wisely
  6. Quickie On Running Lights

    I only have zetec spec 2013 model ( bought new ) it has drls albeit bulbs not led.
  7. Best Polish/wax To Use Opinions

    I also use autoglym polish but there are many different types of waxes/polishes its just down to personal preference and budget
  8. Fiesta Brake Problem

    Could be brake servo
  9. Problem With Sync?

    Did another message yesterday ( wife was driving) it said usb device disconnected ( nothing was plugged in to usb ) then emergency assist on then I phone disconnected , phone was still working cos 15min later she got a phone call , yet today there have been no problems, very strange
  10. Titanium Quotes

    Try orangewheels
  11. Problem With Sync?

    started the car yesterday and a message " emergency assist not connected contact your dealer " appeared on the display, it Does this occasionally ( about 3 or 4 times now ) just wondered if its anything I should be worried about , it reconnects fine the next time you drive the car and its due its second service in june so ill mention it then, but anyone have any thoughts. ?
  12. Has The Dealership Broken My Radio And Sync?

    It's life mate we all do stupid things , dont worry about it
  13. So I Just Managed This (Mpg)

    Just filled up yesterday and the trip showed 60mpg, however it will drop back to around 47ish, although ia few months back I filled up at a shell garage and I had the mpg up to 66,bbut I was on a road with a 50mph limit stuck behind a wagon doing 40, mines only a 1ol zetec ( 2013) and yes the mpg always suffers in winter
  14. Spark Knock/pinking

    Yeah back in the day you used to advance/!Removed! the timing by turning the distributor one way or the other but now its all computerised, I suppose it could be the type of fuel used ( supermarket) but I'm sure someone will know on here
  15. Have a look at orangewheels or similar